Wedding Music

The bride and groom must contact the Director of Music for a consultation at least six (6) to eight (8) weeks before the wedding. He will assist you in the selection of music for the organ, and congregational or choral singing and can supply a list of additional instrumentalists or vocalists, if desired.

Unless his schedule prevents it, the Director of Music will play at all weddings that include music. If another musician is desired, this must be cleared through the rector and parish organist.

In keeping with the understanding of the wedding or blessing as a sacramental rite of the Church, music selection is limited to sacred music. Music that does not have as its chief end the glorification and praise of God, including the melody from Wagner's Lohengrin known as the "Bridal Chorus," is not to be used and may best be left for the reception.

Last Published: January 9, 2020 3:19 PM
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