While the Church is sensitive to the desire of the couple, family and friends to preserve this important moment in their lives, it is also concerned that the dignity and reverence of the service be maintained, and that family and friends' experience of worship not be compromised. The cooperation of the couple and the entire wedding party is sought and appreciated.

The photographing, videotaping, and audio-recording during the service cannot interfere with the tone and movement of the service. You may re-enact certain portions of the service, if you desire, after the service is over. We require that you limit your photography time to 30 minutes following the service since the staff and volunteers must clean and prepare the church for other services. There should be no receiving line at the church. This is the purpose of the reception.

Photographers and videographers may stand at the back of the church and use available-light film. No flash pictures or distracting movements while the ceremony is in progress.

Please let all photographers know about our policies. Ceremony guests will be asked not to take photographs during the service. Any questions should be discussed with the clergy during the pre-ceremonial discussions.

Last Published: December 1, 2017 9:17 AM
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