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2018 Training for Clerks of Session and the Annual Reading of Session Records, Rolls, and Registers     

You are invited to bring your session minutes, rolls, and registers to one of the meetings scheduled for the annual review of session records.  The Book of Order, in G-3.0107 and G-3.0108a, addresses the role of the presbytery in the review of the records of sessions and the responsibility of each session to keep “a full and accurate record of its proceedings” and to submit those records each year to the presbytery for review.   The Presbytery of Baltimore considers the review of Session records as part of the General Administrative Review of the “work of lower councils”.

We request that you fill out the attached Checklist for Annual Review of Session Records to facilitate the reading of the minutes of your session and congregational meetings.  The Presbytery of Baltimore also uses these annual events to provide training sessions for clerks. Some of you have been a clerk of session for many years, but most of you are relatively new to this position.   The training is for both experienced and inexperienced clerks.  We encourage you to come to one of these meetings to get answers to questions you may have and to learn about the various parts of a clerk’s responsibilities.  If you have particular topics you would like for me to cover, please let me know. In addition, you will have an opportunity to read the minutes kept by other clerks and to ask questions of and share experiences with other clerks and the Stated Clerk. The meetings are held in different parts of the presbytery to shorten your travel distances, but you are welcome to come to any of the meetings.  The meetings typically last less than two hours. Locations will be updated in the near future. For specific questions please contact the Deputy Stated Clerk Mary Gaut

2018 Schedule of Clerks' Meetings                                                                         ?Register Here 

Date  Time Church  Location Reviewer
Saturday, Apr. 14 10am Govan PC 5828 York Rd. (21212) M. Gaut
Sunday, Apr. 29 2pm Good Shepherd PC 22 Joppa Farm Rd. (21085) J. Carlson
Thursday, May 17 7pm Harundale PC 1020 Eastway (21060) J. Carlson
Saturday, May 19 10am Hunting Ridge PC 4640 Edmomdson Ave. (21229) J. Carlson
Monday, June 11 7pm FPC of Howard Co. 9325 Presbyterian Circle (21045) M. Gaut
Saturday, June 30 10am Hancock PC 17 East Main St. (21750) M. Gaut










Book of Order references:

 G-3.0107 Records

Each council shall keep a full and accurate record of its proceedings. Minutes and all other official records of councils are the property in perpetuity of said councils or their legal successors. When a council ceases to exist, its records shall become the property of the next higher council within whose bounds the lower council was prior to its cessation. The clerk of each council shall make recommendation to that body for the permanent safekeeping of the body’s records with the Presbyterian Historical Society or in a temperature and humidity controlled environment of a seminary of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

G-3.0108 Administrative Review

Higher councils shall review the work of lower councils in the following ways:

  1. General Administrative Review

Each council shall review annually or biennially, based on the body’s meeting frequency, the proceedings and actions of all entities related to the body, all officers act on behalf of the body, and lower councils within its jurisdiction. In reviewing the procedures of the lower council, the higher body shall determine whether the proceedings have been correctly recorded, have been in accordance with this Constitution, have been prudent and equitable, and have been faithful to the mission of the whole church. It shall also determine whether lawful injunctions of a higher body have been obeyed.

  1. Special Administrative Review

If a higher council learns at any time of an alleged irregularity or delinquency of a lower council, it may require the lower body to produce any records and to take appropriate action.

  1. Directed Response

The higher council may direct the lower council to reconsider and take corrective action if matters are determined to be out of compliance. In addition to administrative review, review and correction may be sought by initiating judicial process as described in the Rules of Discipline.

G-3.0305 Minutes and Records

Minutes and other official records of the presbytery are the property of the presbytery, and are subject to the review specified in G-3.0108. The stated clerk is responsible for the preservation of the presbytery’s minutes and records.


The Office of the General Assembly, Book of Order, Part II, Louisville, KY, 2011-2013
Last Published: June 12, 2018 3:09 PM