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Responses from DISCIPLE Participants

Responses from DISCIPLE Participants


DISCIPLE is like having a personal trainer!  With a well prepared program and a committed Christian instructor; it is the opportunity to share your faith journey with a small group who do the same in the spirit of Christian love.  No one in our class wanted it to end! ~ Steve Floyd 


The benefit of DISCIPLE is reading and understanding the Bible, one book at a time, in depth.  That cannot be done by reading on one’s own.  Without a doubt, the friendships and “family” bonds that are created in a class have been particularly meaningful to me. ~ Jennifer Berk 


In my years at Brownson it is the most spiritually attuned I have ever been.  I am more than casually interested in the Bible for the first time in my life.  Give DISCIPLE at least 3 meetings to get into it. ~ Jim Reid 


DISCIPLE is “The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself” - a spiritual and personal journey shared with your church family members.  I’m glad to see so many of our church family involved with DISCIPLE. ~ Carol Haney 


I have grown as a Christian and as a person as a result of DISCIPLE class! ~ Carol Lamphier 


DISCIPLE has expanded my knowledge of the Bible.  Opinions are formed and reformed, expanded and compressed into a deeper faith.  I enjoyed the class and made some good friends. ~ Carol Saylor 


The challenge of DISCIPLE is to fit necessary reading and study into an already busy schedule.  Benefits include fine participation opportunities with interesting classmates, teachers and good materials. ~ Dee Park 


Our teacher helped us to understand God’s Word.  The questions and discussions brought us all closer to the role of a DISCIPLE for Christ bringing together a group of people in a special bond. ~ Priscilla McLeod


I am so thankful for the opportunity to have taken DISCIPLE classes.  I am now more confident to pray in public and to speak to people about spiritual things. ~ Ruth Prim 


I had taken Old Testament and New Testament classes in college, but this was a very different, far more meaningful experience.  DISCIPLE brought challenges but also much meaning and hope. ~ Nancy Frock 


In DISCIPLE class, I not only learned, I enjoyed! ~ Janet Mitchell

Last Published: June 22, 2012 2:38 PM
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