Mission Statement:

It is our purpose to proclaim God-inspired truth through the medium of the dramatic arts; declaring, illustrating, and clarifying biblical truth, giving all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our desire to witness to the lost and to be sensitive to those unchurched.  It is also our desire to present various types of drama, from monologs to 3-Act plays, from dinner theatre to passion plays.

The Drama Team of Burkemont Baptist Church Guidelines:

  • Ministry is our first reason for existence; therefore, members are expected to accept their responsibilities and opportunities in the spirit of Christ.
  • Because we have accountability to the Minister of Music and Worship, scripts for performance and group plans will be cleared with him.
  • Because we are accountable to the church as well, and because ours is a ministry organization, we feel that the individual lifestyles of our participants need to reflect the Lord we are proclaiming.
  • Each participant is expected to be committed to the particular drama they are involved with, respecting each others time, schedules, and personal and church property.
  • Lastly, drama ministry in the church demands the same level of integrity and holiness that should characterize every other dimension of God’s kingdom.  Integrity is that seamless tapestry that must run throughout all that the church is and does; in all its various ministries and expressions.

For more information please contact the church office.

Last Published: June 27, 2017 9:29 AM
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