Broadway Staff
A list of the church staff.
Tim Carson, Senior Minister Nick Larson, Associate Minister
Tammy Gerhart, Church Administrator Debby Graham, Coordinator of Outreach Ministry
Ingrid Luckenbill, Coordinator of Discipleship Ministry  
Barb Stephenson, Coordinator of Children's Ministry Judy Saliger, Admin. Assistant for Children's Ministry
Stephanie McGhee, Coordinator of All God's Children Jay Dudley, Facilities Superintendent
Nollie Moore, Director of Tradional Music  Beverly Kyriakos, Organist
Terry Overfelt, Commissioned Minister  Zach Schulte, Keyboardist
John Rawlings, Director of Daybreak Service Michael Tatum, Tech Support and College Youth Intern
Hannah Overfelt, College Youth Intern  


Last Published: August 27, 2013 12:11 PM