Sunday Morning Adult Classes

Sunday Morning Classes 

Please note that you may join in at anytime.


Bible and Discipleship Study Group.  Facilitators Guy Adams, Martha Jolly & Leslie Clay.  Meets weekly in the Fellowship Hall. Room FH-101. Ongoing.

Holy Spark.  Facilitator Resa Kerns.  Thoughts and practices for fostering a life-long spiritual journey.  Meets weekly in the Prayer Room, near office.  Ongoing.

Living Word Study Group.  Facilitator: Deb Ward.  Discussions about the Bible in the context of history and science.   Meets in Large Conference Room, near office.  Ongoing.

Parenting with God.  Facilitator: Rotating Leadership .  A weekly gathering in the Fellowship Hall.  Faith issues as parents and as a community of Christ. Room FH-103  Ongoing.

Sunshine Class.  Facilitators: John Poehlmann, Don Day, and Ken Welty.  Traditional Bible study with a healthy dose of fellowship.  Meets weekly in Fellowship Hall, Room FH-102.   Ongoing.





Last Published: August 19, 2019 2:01 PM