Stephen Ministry History

In 2002, BCC began a significant ministry to those of its members undergoing times of change or stress.  By October 2009, a team of 33 trained Stephen Ministers and Leaders stood by, ready to walk alongside those folks who need a Christian friend with an open mind and a listening heart.

In the last year alone, BCC has trained and commissioned four new Stephen Ministers.  In over six years, over 135 persons have been on the receiving end of the spiritual care our Stephen Ministers are trained to give.  Stephen Ministers are not the church's pastors, they are not counselors, nor do they in any way seek to "fix" problems.  Rather, they are trained listeners with the Christian resources of a loving heart, the Scriptures, and prayer.

Experience has proven how the power of God works if we are faithful.  Stephen Ministers major in caring, but God does the curing.

All care giving is supported by rigorous psychological and Biblical education, by prayer, and by regular peer supervision among the Stephen Minsters twice a month.  All care giving by our Stephen Ministers is done in the strictest confidence.

Stephen Ministers do not replace your initial ministry visits from our BCC pastors.  They are in addition to them.

If you or someone you love is in need of this professional and confidential service, please contact one of our ministers or Stephen Leaders.  If you feel you spiritual gifts may be God's urging you to train for this ministry, please contact one of our four Stephen Leaders or the church office at 445-5312.

Deb Ward
Broadway's SM Team Leader


Last Published: March 1, 2012 5:44 PM