Participate in a Relational Group

Though our faith is very personal we are not meant to go it alone. Christians are called to live life together. One of the very best ways to foster spiritual friendship and intimacy with other Christians is by sharing in a smaller relational group. This is the place where you can experience spiritual support, build friendships and find a sense of belonging.


Your small group could be a service group, choir, Sunday morning class, or fellowship group. And it could also be a much more intentional group where you covenant to be together – discussing, praying, sharing – on a very regular basis. There are many such groups at Broadway Christian Church and we would love to help you find yours.


A new small group model is developing right now and will be begin to be offered in January 2010. We are calling them Growth Groups and they use a particular model of sharing.


Growth Groups reflect on the same scripture text that is used on Sunday mornings. These small groups are home based, small (8-12 people), have discussion questions based on the Sunday morning scripture and last 10 weeks twice a year – fall and spring. You may sign up for one ten-week session and then evaluate if you want to remain in that group or change to a different group, continue as you are, or take a break. We hope you will try one.


There are many things that contribute to church being “sticky” – adhesive enough to hold the fellowship together. Relational groups are perhaps the most important ingredient. If you are feeling alone in the church crowd, unconnected, it may well be because you are not a part of one. Try it, you’ll like it!


Participate in a Relational Group …

Last Published: February 15, 2012 3:56 PM