Growth Groups


Starting Week of September 9 Through November 11!

Growth Groups exist to promote the development of significant Christian relationships centered around the study of God's Word and how we apply it to our lives.

These groups will last for 10 weeks, focus on the scripture texts used in worship on the previous Sunday and are home-based.

Growth Group Sign-up

Growth Group Questions

What does this passage mean to you?

Why would it be important for the author to say this?

What is the Word to the church today?

How has or can this change my thinking?  My behavior?


 September 9     Campaign Trail         Mk 7:24-37         Ps 125

 September 16   Stay on Message     Mk 8:27-30          Ps 19

 September 23   The Handlers           Mk 9:33-37          Ps 1

 September 30   The Debates            Mk 9:38-41          Ps 124

 October 7          Party Insiders          Mk 9:43-48          Ps 26

 October 14        The Base                 Mk 10:17-31        Ps 22

 October 21        Party Favors            Mk 10:35-45        Ps 104

 October 28        Voting Booth            Mk 10:46-52       Ps 34

 November 4      Watch Night             Mk 12:28-34       Ps 146


Growth Group Core Practices

Tips for Facilitators



Last Published: August 15, 2012 2:41 PM