Daybreak FAQs

Daybreak Q&A:

Q: Where is the Daybreak worship held when meeting outside?

A: Just north of the west side parking lot, in our lovely outdoor sanctuary.

Q: What time is Daybreak worship held?

A: 8 a.m. every Sunday Morning.

Q: What months does the Daybreak worship meet at the Outdoor Sanctuary or inside in The Loft?

A: Outside worship is held April through October, weather permitting.  November through March, worship is held indoors in The Loft (Youth Center).

Q: Do I need to bring something to sit on when Daybreak meets outside?

A: No. There are some benches with backs as well as a trunk of seat cushions that are provided for all to use.

Q: What is the average attendance for Daybreak worship?

A: It is our most intimate worship experience and usually ranges from 25 to 50 people.

Q: What are the break-out groups at Daybreak Worship all about?

A: Because attendance is smaller it allows the minister to pose a question about the message of the day. For about 10 minutes, the congregation breaks into smaller discussion groups to discusses the question before worship concludes.

Q: What is the closing circle?

A: Daybreak worship concludes with a closing circle of prayer led by the elder of the day.

Q: Does the minister preach the same message of the day at all three Sunday morning worships?

A: Yes, the message is the same across all our Sunday morning services. Yet, enhanced at Daybreak because it includes the question.

Q: What music style can I expect at Daybreak worship?

A: Usually accompanied by guitar, Daybreak worship includes traditional and contemporary hymns and praise songs, plus an original song written each week especially for that Sunday to compliment the minister's message.

Q: Can I drink coffee during a Daybreak worship service?

A:Yes. Please do!


Last Published: October 21, 2019 4:22 PM