Our third “G” in the disciple-making process is this, “we will make disciples by creating intentional opportunities to GROW. Our goal is reflected in Paul’s word to the Colossians, “that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” There is an obvious expectation that all we do should facilitate spiritual growth and maturity. However, we want to be intentional about creating opportunities for believers to grow to be more like Jesus.

Specifically, we have three areas of concentration:

  • Great Expectations - A three week new church member class. Currently in development.
  • Ongoing Discipleship Groups - Currently both our men and women’s ministries have ongoing bible study groups. Please contact the church office to see what is now being offered.
  • Disciple’s Path - Our one on one mentoring program where disciples pour into the lives of other disciples. The program uses a curriculum produced by Lifeway Christian Resources called Disciple’s Path. The process lasts for approximately 30-36 weeks and is being used by God to truly change lives.