The Choirs

How Our Choirs Are Configured

All are welcome to sing! If reading music isn’t your thing, hopefully matching pitch is!


Choral Groups

  • Cherub Choir Cherub (kindergarten through 3rd grade)
  • Redeemer Choristers (4th grade through 8th grade)
  • Schola (high school and boys with changed voices)
  • Redeemer Choir (college age and up)
  • Chancel Choir (college age and up)

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Cherub Choir: Wednesday, 5:00pm—6:00pm
  • Redeemer Choristers: Wednesday, 5:00pm—6:00pm
  • Choir Supper: Wednesday, 6:00p.m.—6:40p.m.
  • Schola: Wednesday, 6:45p.m.—8:00p.m.
  • Redeemer Choir: Wednesday, 6:45p.m.–8:15pm
  • Chancel Choir: As scheduled

Singing Schedule

  • Cherubs: once monthly at the 9:30a.m. service
  • Redeemer Choristers: first and third Sunday at the 9:30am service (Evensongs and concerts separate)
  • Schola: second and fourth Sunday at the 9:30a.m. service (Evensongs and concerts separate)
  • Redeemer Choir: weekly, at the 9:30am service (Evensongs and concerts separate)
  • Chancel Choir: Evensongs, Special Liturgies and Concerts


Click here to listen to the choirs.

Approach to Choirs at The Redeemer

The choirs at The Redeemer are all part of our identity as an Episcopal parish within the Diocese of Pennsylvania. It is important to know that even though we are part of a specific faith-based organization, we still have and welcome participants (both youth and adult) from an array of religious backgrounds such as Jewish, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Baptist, and Presbyterian to name a few.

We encourage and embrace diversity, especially in the childrens programs. Our approach to being a welcoming program is at the very heart of Church of the Redeemer: there are no insiders and outsiders......Our churchyard, our church building, our facilities, our programs, our ministries, and our worship are open to all, because openness without limitation is the keenest form of spiritual alertness”.

We do not indoctrinate our participants or sway their faith leanings one way or the other.  Rather, we have an organic approach as to how people come to feel about their own beliefs through their involvement in our parish.

The choirs for the children and teens are designed not just to teach how to sing, but how to approach music: to develop an understanding in music theory, to increase knowledge of music history, to build a strong technique for their vocal skills, and to nurture social and leadership skills within the group, giving children a better understanding of themselves and those around them.

The children and adults experience opportunities for outreach, for mission work, travel abroad, professional-level concerts, and for the enjoyment of fellowship within the groups; forming friendships and linking bonds that last a very long time


Contact Organist & Director of Music Dr. Michael Diorio for an audition appointment.

Morning Service, Evensongs, and Special Offerings

Because we are blest with so many singing ensembles at The Redeemer, we rotate the youth choirs. The main Sunday morning service is the 9:30a.m. Service of Holy Eucharist, Rite II. At this service the Redeemer Choir always sings, but we rotate the youth choirs for this service. 1st and 3rd Sundays for Choristers; 2nd and 4th Sundays for the Schola; the Cherubs sing about once a month at this service. The Chancel Choir serves at Evensongs, special liturgies, and concerts.

Beginning in October, and continuing through the program year, Choral Evensong is held at 4pm on the first Sunday of each month. Evensong is part of the Daily Office, the late-day counterpart to Morning Prayer. It is a non-Eucharistic choral service that offers hymnody, psalms, lessons appointed for the evening, choral canticles, and anthems.  This service is also ideal for those who would like to experience the fullness of a Sunday liturgical expression without encountering repetition, as the readings and music for Evening prayer are entirely different from those appointed for the morning. Evensongs are sung by the Chancel Choir.

Early evening worship at The Redeemer is a totally different experience; the church space offers a different sort of hallowed experience: the lighting, the spaces, and the stillness of the sanctuary all beckon us to experience a deeper awareness of the sacred.  We hope that you will choose to attend a few or ALL of the following Choral Evensongs. All Evensongs are at 4pm unless otherwise noted. Below is a schedule of Evensong and special services for 2021-2022.

October 3: Evensong: Chancel Choir

November 7: Mozart Requiem, 7PM

December 5: Evensong: Chancel Choir

December 12: Lessons & Carols, 5pm

January 2: Evensong: Chancel Choir

February 6: Evensong: Chancel Choir

March 16: Evensong: Chancel Choir

April 3: Evensong: Chancel Choir

May 1: Evensong: Chancel Choir

May 15: Annual Garden Party, 4pm