Rachel Randall
Church Administrator

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Rachel’s responsibilities as Desert Palms' Church Administrator span the entire operation of the church office to assure, on a day-to-day basis, the office runs smoothly, appropriate support is provided to the ministerial staff and church committees, and our church facility is maintained.  This includes overseeing the production of correspondence, payment of bills, contributions and maintenance of church records.  Rachel’s job requires that she keep apprised of Session, Deacon and committee activities, and ensure decisions that have been made are carried out.  She trains other staff members so that they may function effectively and efficiently in their particular positions and also work cooperatively as a team.  Overseeing the security and maintenance of our physical plant and equipment is also her responsibility.

Work Experience/Training

Rachel has the distinction of being Desert Palms’ longest employed staff member.  She began work at Desert Palms Presbyterian on July 17, 1989!  When Rachel entered college, her area of interest was in the medical field.  However, a number of business-related opportunities came along which led her into financial-related positions.  While living in Minnesota, Rachel was employed at a vocational college where she managed the bookstore, then advanced into the position of Assistant Business Manager, responsible for receivables and supervised accounts payable as well as assisting the Business Manager in various assignments.  After arriving in Arizona she managed the financial end of husband, Dick’s janitorial business, and served as the accounting manager of a large interiors and floor covering business.

Last Published: July 17, 2020 11:22 AM
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