Isaac Soria
Building Superintendent

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General Job Description

On April 20, 2009, Isaac Soria joined the Desert Palms staff as our Building Superintendent.  Once on board, he quickly became involved in performing the myriad of housekeeping and maintenance responsibilities associated with his position. His focus is on making sure the church buildings are clean and well-maintained, and the grounds are neat, and free of litter and debris. He may be observed doing maintenance work like minor plumbing repairs or replacing light bulbs, as well as doing usual janitorial chores such as emptying waste baskets, cleaning floors, and bathrooms.  Isaac also has the responsibility to see that room arrangement requests are met and the rooms are returned to their normal status after use. He maintains security of the premises, assures our buildings are in safe condition, and are locked when the premises are vacant. In addition, Isaac provides direction to our two part-time custodians (Bob Woodward and Richard Edwards). Isaac's normal working hours are Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Most Rewarding Part of Job

Isaac indicated he has appreciated getting to meet many warm and friendly people. When he began working at Desert Palms, he felt like he was immediately welcomed with open arms into a family. Experiencing the sincere, welcoming demeanor of congregational members has added to his enjoyment of working at Desert Palms.

Most Challenging Part of Job

Since Isaac has been on the job for less than two months, there has been little opportunity to face big challenges. Probably the greatest challenge he has experienced so far concerns operating the sound system and making recordings—new experiences for him. He enjoys and looks forward to having other new and different work opportunities.

Work Experience/Training

On-the-job training and experiences in various settings have been the primary mode Isaac used to gain expertise in a variety of areas. Most of his adult life has been in residential construction, with a special interest in working with concrete. To him, working with concrete is an art form that provides a chance for creative expression. Electrical and plumbing skills are among the various skills he honed while in construction.  He is proud of the fact that when the need arose to have his home wired, he wired it himself and his work passed the formal inspection with flying colors! Prior to coming to Desert Palms he was self-employed as a handyman which allowed him to use skills he gained and practiced for many years.

Desert Palms is fortunate to have Isaac on staff. His eagerness to use his varied manual skills; his enthusiasm and interest in his work here; a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and pleasant demeanor are all ingredients that make him a valuable asset to Desert Palms. Welcome, Isaac!

Last Published: July 17, 2020 11:20 AM
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