Since the earliest days of the Church the practice of burying the dead on parish grounds near the church has been desirable because of the full cycle of life expressed within the parish church community. It is a statement of our ultimate goal to live this life in Christ so that one day through death, we can share in eternal life with God.

It is customary to take the remains of the dead to their place of rest immediately following the funeral or memorial service for interment. The location of our new columbarium within the walls of Emmanuel allow for this to take place.

Below you will find information regarding the new Columbarium. Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call the church office at 706-543-1294.

What specifically is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is an arrangement of openings either in a mausoleum, a room, or a wall, into which an urn or other worthy vessel is placed for permanent memorial. The openings are typically 12 by 12 by 12 inches and are called "niches." At Emmanuel, the columbarium is an oval structure within our new memorial garden. Initially, 250 niches will be available as well as a designated space within the garden preserved for the scattering of ashes for those who wish that option. There is space for reflection, walking and meditation.


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Is there an advantage to being buried in the Columbarium or Memorial Garden rather than in one of the local cemeteries? 

These decisions are always very personal ones. Many people will be laid to rest here at Emmanuel because they wish to continue in death the close relationship they have had with the church during their lives. Emmanuel is a community and parish that they have loved and served for so many years during their lives. Those who are attracted to the idea of being buried here are moved by the religious focus of the space and its nearness to the church. Its closeness to Emmanuel makes it convenient for visits by loved ones and old friends to sit and remember. Also, the fee for being placed in one of the niches is usually less than the cost of a burial plot and burial. It is also envisioned that there will be public liturgies of remembrance at the site during appropriate times of the year and on particular feast days; e.g. our remembrance of the faithful departed, all saints day, veterans day and the like.

Who may be interred in Emmanuel's Columbarium or the Memorial Garden?

The Columbarium is intended primarily for the use of parishioners of Emmanuel. However, the purchaser may inter immediate family members who are not parishioners. However, this wound be limited to spouses, partners, parents, grandparents, siblings, children and grandchildren of the purchaser.

What is the cost of a niche?

Each niche can hold the cremains of two persons. For the purchase of a niche where one person will be interred, the cost is $2,000.00. If two persons will be interred the cost is $2,500.00. The extra funds count for additional engravings and the opening and closing of the niche.

What happens if I purchase a niche in the columbarium, then move away?

Upon receipt of your contract for the niche, it is the intent of Emmanuel Episcopal Church to provide a refund of your original purchase price, less one hundred dollars. We would also request a letter with your contract stating that you no longer plan to exercise your right to be interred here.

May I decorate the area near my niche with flowers?

The Columbarium site is perpetually maintained in a manner designed to be beautiful, serene, holy and edifying. Additional floral arrangements, statues, flags and other decorations may not be placed on any of the niches or in the Memorial Garden.

How are niches assigned?

You may choose any available niche at the time of purchase from any section in the Columbarium where niches have been installed and made available for the Inurnment. If you choose not to select any particular niche, one will be chosen for you when appropriate.



Last Published: May 24, 2012 3:43 PM