Funeral Planning

A Word from the Rector:

At the time of our death it will fall to the members of our families, partners or friends to plan our funeral services and make arrangements for burial or disposition of our remains.

Planning such things when you are grieving is both hard and time consuming. Often members of your family live far apart and have never discussed these matters with you or among themselves. When the time for planning comes they can each have very different ideas about what they think you might like, as well as about what is appropriate for you!

The best way to avoid all of this is for you to make your own plans and let your wishes be known to all concerned.

It is a very thoughtful gift both to yourself as well as for your family.

If you have any questions or concerns, please know that the clergy are happy to sit with you to discuss them.

Preliminary Thoughts

Here at Emmanuel, one can request a funeral or memorial service using the Burial of the Dead from either Rite I (found on page 469 in the Book of Common Prayer, or Rite II (which begins on page 491). Both of these Rites can be held in the context of the celebration of the Eucharist or not. 

* Required

In the context of any funeral service there are readings from scripture as well as hymns that are sung. Please list a few selections from the 1982 Hymnal that we will be able to incorporate into your liturgy.

There are normally three readings from scripture interspersed with a psalm or a hymn as mentioned above.
The First reading is from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). Please choose one of the following:

Psalm: please choose one of the following:

The Second Reading is from the New Testament. Please choose one.

The Gospel. Please choose one.

Every parishioner is entitled to a simple reception after the service in the common room.

It is presumed that if your funeral is held at Emmanuel it will be conducted by one of the clergy of Emmanuel or another Episcopal clergy person who is a relative or friend.
A reflection on the life of the deceased can be given by a family member or friend as a part of the service.
A service leaflet will be prepared in the Church Office.
There are other important aspects to "getting your affairs in order" that yo should seek legal advice about if you have not yet done so, as well as informing the necessary people as to where your important documents are like a Will, who your Executor is and who has your Healthcare Power of Attorney.
Fees are: Organist - $200.00, Flower Guild (minimum $50.00 donation)