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Discipleship is the Process of
Reproducing the Character of Christ



The Mission of Our Intentional Discipleship Process at First Baptist of Church of Ellisville lies in reaching the un-churched for Christ and growing spiritually mature and faithful believers. God’s Word is the centerpiece of our discipleship process. His Word is also our guide, our source of strength, and it empowers us to live our lives in a way that honors Him. We continually strive to provide both biblical and relevant discipleship opportunities for our new and growing believers, in order to equip them to better share and serve their faith.

Interwoven into the fabric of our intentional discipleship process a fostered environment where everyone knows: (1) they matter, (2) they belong, and (3) they are cared for!  Our commitment to connect to God and others is the bedrock of our discipleship process.


Our Discipleship Process builds on 4 Core Values known as our “CORE 4”


 1.      Knowing - Equipping the church to connect with God and others by developing intentional relationships. 1 Thessalonians 1:8

2.      Growing - Equipping the church to spend daily time with God and thus continually growing in their faith.  Colossians 2:6-7

3.      Caring - Equipping the church to care for, and minister to one another through all of life’s circumstances. Galatians 6:10

4.      Sharing - Equipping the church to live an obedient life for Christ, and to continually share their faith.   
2  Corinthians 5:17-29




Ways to Get Plugged Into the Discipleship Process at First Baptist Church:


Adult Bible Fellowships
– Adult Bible Fellowships are our congregation’s primary Bible study groups. They exist to continually build disciples, and helping them grow into fully devoted followers of Christ, all the while, growing God’s Kingdom. Are ABF Groups are made up of shared-affinity groups and demographics such as “Life Stages” and “Gender.” They equip members to faithfully share and serve Christ and others, from across the room, to around the world. 


L.I.F.E. Classes – The purpose of our LIFE Classes is to equip the members of First Baptist Church of Ellisville to become fully devoted followers of Christ, where they in-turn, serve others and share Christ.


Men’s Ministry – The principle function of the men’s ministry team is to plan and implement events, small groups, mentoring models, and various processes throughout the year that provide opportunities to reach other men for Christ, to grow spiritually mature men, and to build significant relationships with other men.


Men’s Fraternity It is a series of three, one year-long studies that equip men with a true understanding of authentic and biblical manhood, and how to apply that understanding to their lives. It’s more than just a rally or a Bible study, it provides men with an encouraging process that teaches them how to live lives of authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God.


Women’s Ministry – The principle function of the women’s ministry team is to plan and implement activities throughout the year to offer opportunities for the women of the church to get to know one another and minister to each other.


Joy in the Morning -- The principle function of the Joy in the Morning ministry team is to provide a weekday Bible study for the ladies of our church and community in order to introduce them to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and/or help them grow spiritually.


Celebrate Recovery –A Christ-focused 12 Step program helping people find support with life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups. Meets every Thursday in the Large Fellowship Hall. 6:00 pm-Supper ($3) 7:00-Large Group (Worship & Teaching) 8:00-Open Share Groups (Men and Women support groups) 9:00-Dessert Fellowship


Christian Citizenship –The Christian citizenship ministry team exist to teach, equip, encourage and assist church members to practice Christian citizenship faithfully in their everyday life. 





Last Published: December 21, 2009 11:14 AM