Purpose - Missions

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Missions/Evangelism is taking the Gospel to the whole world.


“All can pray, many can give, some can go.”  We provide opportunities for everyone to get involved in missions through prayer, by giving scholarships for someone else to go, and by going on mission trips and participating in missions activities and projects.  We provide a balanced approach to missions by providing opportunities to get involved in missions in our own community, our city and state, our nation, and internationally.  We have taken mission trips to Christchurch in Superior, Colorado; Mosaic Manhattan in New York City, numerous World Changers locations, Romania, Guatemala, Brazil, and Kenya as well as supported Southside Baptist Church in South St. Louis City and Passage Community Church in North St. Louis County.  In our own community, we have hosted many events such as a Community Block Party, Fall Festival, and Vacation Bible School.

Last Published: March 25, 2009 1:56 PM