South Carolina annually ranks among the premiere business climates in the nation. Our state and local tax structure is highly conducive to new business development and the expansion of existing enterprises. Florence County and South Carolina offer a series of customized performance-based incentive programs designed to reduce both start-up and operating costs.

Additional Tax Information:

Download additional comprehensive tax information in Adobe Acrobat PDF format including: Corporate income taxes and license fees, retail taxes, Florence County property taxes and millage rates, property tax credits and sample tax calculations, by clicking here.

Tax Incentives Information:

Download state and local tax incentive information in Adobe Acrobat PDF format including: Corporate taxes and credits, state and local sales taxes, job development and employee retraining credits, property and fee-in-lieu of credits, and other customized incentives by clicking here.

For additional details on Florence County's property tax structure, visit our Property Tax Details page.


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