Resources and Support for your Industry

Service providers in Florence County have invested heavily in the infrastructure required to support the needs of today’s sophisticated business and industries. Some examples appear below:

Florence County is served by eight public water/wastewater entities with the City of Florence being the primary provider. Read More
Is likewise available in abundant supplies for both firm and interruptible customers in most portions of Florence County. Read More
Suppliers compete for new customers in certain locations in Florence County. Supplies of electricity are abundant for the future and service reliability is rated among the best in the nation. Read More
Florence County has a state-of-the-art telecommunications system. Fiber optic cable and ISDN service have been deployed extensively throughout the county. A full array of broadband data and e-commerce services are available in many areas for business customers, Read More
Florence Regional Airport has commercial service to/from Charlotte, NC six times daily via US Airways Express. Read More
Florence County has direct four lane highway and rail connections to the Ports of Charleston, SC (97 miles) and Wilmington, NC (105 miles). Read More
Florence County is served by Interstate Highways I-20 and I-95 Read More
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