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                HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIGNS OF SUMMER?  Around our church, I need to share some of these signs with you.

                First, VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is one of the first true signs of summer.  It begins next Monday (June 5), and it will convene each morning until Friday (June 9) from 8:30 until noon.  There is a place for every child between the ages of 3 and the 6th grade (Just completed).  You need to pray for the school, invite children to VBS, volunteer to transport some of them, and give some time to VBS yourself.  You may think heat, humidity, and long days are the sign of summer, but VBS is the first evidence of the season.

                Second, YOUTH CAMPS AND RETREATS are the second sure sign of summer.  You should have received a letter asking you to help with some of the costs of a Youth Mission Trip to Panama City Beach, FL, and the X-CHANGE camp which will arrive on July 5.  Young people from our area will be ‘investing’ themselves in ministry projects and service opportunities, and you can help as you give to offset some of the costs.  You have been so faithful to give in past years, and I encourage you to share in assisting our youth.

                Third, a JUNE SWOON seems to be a sure sign of summer in times past.  Please attend the services of the church when you are in town, and invite others to join you.  Leaving town for a time is fine, but using the summer to “stay away” doesn’t seem to be fitting.  Wouldn’t it be great if June and July were measured by servants of Christ who were “faithful in season and out of season”?  I’m praying that our faithfulness will increase and not decrease.

                Finally, the TIME OF SUMMER will take place under the purposes of God.  While we are ‘caught up’ in different days, some leisure time, different schedules, etc. God will still be on the move and in His place.  The two month cycle of the season will find Him still in control.  He won’t take time off or be inattentive to His task, and summer will be as significant to Him as any other time.  Try to think about it from His viewpoint....read more here

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