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                DEACON ELECTION IS THIS SUNDAY (AUGUST 13).  You may think that this is just a formality, but I can assure you that this election is significant.  During my tenure in this church it is the deacons who have led in ministry, change, decision support, and guidance.  Our decisions have made possible the ordination of several men during my tenure, while others have been chosen who were already ordained at other churches.

                 Throughout my ministry I have enjoyed the leadership and fellowship of wonderful men, and none of the churches has encountered any hint of division or strife.  God has used the deacon office to “stir and still the waters” at the same time.  So, get your sample ballot, scan the names and the faces from your place in our church, pray over your decision, and come Sunday to share in this time of decision.

                OUR YOUNG PEOPLE WILL BE LEADING our service this Sunday evening (August 13).  They have had an eventful and fulfilling summer of service, excitement, and growth.  They will give us a first-hand account of all the things that they shared, and I hope you will join us this Sunday evening as we ‘hear their reports.’...read more here

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