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Order of Worship

Weekly worship follows a particular order:  we gather to worship God, we confess our sin to God, we listen to the word of God read and proclaimed, we respond with gratitude and joy, and we follow the word of God into the world.  Our annual church calendar is organized by seasons: 

Advent, a season to recollect the hope of the coming of Christ, and to look forward to the Lord’s coming again;

Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Christ;

Epiphany, a day for commemorating God’s self-manifestation to all people;

Lent, a season of spiritual discipline and preparation, beginning with

Ash Wednesday, anticipating the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ;

Holy Week, a time of remembrance and proclamation of the atoning suffering and death of Jesus Christ;

Easter, the day of the Lord’s resurrection and the season of rejoicing which commemorates his ministry until his Ascension; and

the Day of Pentecost, the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church.

Last Published: November 21, 2009 11:40 PM
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