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Habitat for Humanity

"God's people working together for better housing."


We have partnered with First Baptist Church to build a Habitat House on Davis Street.  We will help provide labor, meals, as well as, donations.  You can see the work schedule below.  The FPC dates to supply meals for about 22 people are June 20 and July 25. Several families may go in together. Sandwiches, chips, drinks, hotdogs, anything will be appreciated. Cups, plates, napkins, drinks, and ice should be provided.  Please call Jettie Young at 833-4268 if you would like to bring meals or interested in helping.



The Burnside House

Early in 2012, our session responded favorably to suggestion that we become partners with First Baptist Church of Clinton in sponsoring the next Habitat House to be built in Clinton. It will be the third and last house to be built on the property donated to Habitat by the Vance family. Those in attendance at the groundbreaking ceremony on March 24, 2012 included homeowner Jackie Burnside and family, city dignitaries, members of the Vance family, Habitat board members, members of both churches and neighbors from the community. Jackie is a very popular worker in the dining room at Presbyterian Home, so there were several from that location in attendance, also.  Construction is completed, and the dedication of the house will be at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 17.

The Brown House

In the spring of 2009 our session determined that we should again sponsor a Habitat House. This next house would be the first house to be built on property donated to Habitat by the Vance family. It is located at the corner of Bell and D streets in Clinton and will eventually accommodate three houses. On September 17, 2009 a groundbreaking ceremony was held with those in attendance including the homeowner, Paula Brown and family, City dignitaries, members of the Vance family, Habitat Board members, members of our church and neighbors from the community. A highlight of the ceremony was Dr. Wain Wesberry”s handing to Paula Brown a large symbolic check for a significant portion of the construction cost. The house was completed in May of 2010 and the dedication ceremony was held on June 5, 2010. 

The Wicker House

In June of 2006, Habitat had two foundations laid for adjacent houses on McMillan Street near Clinton High School.  One of those houses would be sponsored by Presbyterian College and work would begin with the start of the fall semester.  Work on the other house, which would become the home of Mark and Cindy Wicker and their boys, continued without delay.  Members of Davidson Street Baptist Church, the Wickers home church, had offered to provide major volunteer effort in the construction of the house.  At the request of the Community Outreach Committee, our Session encouraged our congregation to join with Davidson Street Baptist in supporting the building of the house both with volunteer workers and financial contributions.  On July 2, the Wickers were introduced to our congregation at our worship service, and our members responded with volunteer labor and financial contributions.  The house was finished in time for the Wickers to move in before Christmas, and a dedication service was held on January 28, 2007.

The Dade House

On January 20, 2002, it was announced in the Worship Service that First Presbyterian Church of Clinton had become a partner with the Laurens County Habitat for Humanity affiliate in building its fifth house.  Members of First Presbyterian had long been involved in projects with Habitat for Humanity, frequently sending a youth mission team to aid wherever people needed help. We were pleased to be included as partners in the local effort to help those who really need it.

On April 28, 2002 a groundbreaking ceremony was held with the homeowner Tia Dade and her four children, City dignitaries, Habitat board members and members of the church in attendance. Volunteers had already done some work in clearing the lot to make that event possible. Soon thereafter construction began with the vast majority of the volunteer labor being done by members of 1st Presbyterian along with the homeowner and her older son. Her younger children helped with things like clean-up. The house was completed and turned over to the homeowner the first of November. A dedication service was held on December 8, 2002.

Historical Highlights

In the fall of 1990, Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity International, met with invited guests at Presbyterian College.

The Presbyterian College Chaplain, Greg Henley, and Professor Meredith Holder moved the process along. By the end of April and the month of May in 1991, Laurens County Habitat for Humanity had become an affiliate and had elected the first Board of Directors and committee members. In June 1993, the first house was completed in Laurens. Tom Plaxico of Clinton was also especially involved in the Laurens affiliate. He sought and encouraged fellow realtors and others in the county to support and become involved in providing more adequate housing for people not as able to afford this.



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