reconcilingministries3We are a Reconciling Ministry

Here at FUMCAH, we’re committed to the belief that God welcomes all & unconditionally loves all people.  That may sound counter-intuitive to some, especially in such a divided society, but we know that through worship, prayer, work, sacrament, and mission there’s a place for you–and all you bring–here in our community.  As a reconciling community, we say with one voice that:




We celebrate humanity’s diversity of age, racial and ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, special needs, socio-economic conditions, and family status. Created in the image of God, all persons are worthy of God’s love and grace and welcomed into full participation in the life of our congregation.



church1Bring your political beliefs, your orientations and identities, your histories and your baggage and we guarantee you’ll find a place that will love you right where you are. 




Pinwheels is our LGBTQ-specific program, for trans-children and their families. Please contact the church office for additional information.


Rainbow Circle 

As a reconciling church, we’re committed to providing safe places for all people to experience, know, and grow in the love of God. Rainbow Circle is a meeting place for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Queer + folk, who want to consider the intersection of faith and identity. LGBTQ+ persons and their allies are invited to join Rainbow Circle for their monthly worship service.

Last Published: February 25, 2017 7:43 PM