Pastor Gregg Johnson

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Gregg Johnson is Senior Pastor of The Mission Church in New York State and founder of Global Leadership Training. Pastor Gregg is ordained with the Assemblies of God and serves on the AG/NY District Presbytery. He and his wife Laura live in New York, USA. They have four sons, one daughter who is married and one grandson.

Pastor Gregg's ministry at The Mission Church began in 1989. A vibrant, growing church in New York's Hudson Valley, The Mission Church has a simple yet profound vision: “Proclaiming Christ. Training Disciples. Raising Leaders.” The impact of this vision is evidenced by an aggressive evangelism ministry which has touched thousands, ambitious discipleship programs, and multiple opportunities for the saints to develop their gifts for the work of the ministry both at home and around the world.

Pastor Gregg is also founder and keynote speaker of
Global Leadership Training, an international equipping ministry that provides leadership training conferences to pastors and church leaders throughout the world. Rather than centering on hype and sensationalism, these conferences provide practical teaching on character development and ministry management. Thousands of leaders have been enriched by Global Leadership and Pastor Gregg’s ministry throughout East and West Africa and India.
Gregg Johnson has authored four books, "Crisis, Conflict & Change," “The Character of Leadership” , “Raising the Standard of Leadership” and "Ethics for Church Leaders" which are being provided to leaders around the world. As well, he and his ministry staff publish “Leadership Teaching Magazine,a 24 page quarterly periodical which addresses important topics on leadership and ministry and is mailed, free of charge to missionaries and indigenous pastors across the globe.
Last Published: June 30, 2012 6:53 AM