Dining with Grace
(formerly called “Eight is Enough”) 

All members of Grace Church are invited, and encouraged, to sign up for this group and and enjoy the opportunity to meet and enjoy fellowship with old friends and meet new ones.  

Participants are placed in groups of 7–9 people-–as couples or singles.   Each group meets once a month for four months for an activity. Each person or couple who’s able hosts the group once during the period. Typically, the activity is an informal dinner at the host’s home. The host prepares the main course and the others bring salads, breads, desserts, etc.    Alternately, the activity could be a visit to a restaurant, a picnic, a movie, a trip to a museum, a theater night, etc. It’s up to the group. At the end of four months those participants who are up for another round are placed in a new group and we start over. 

Neat community and great friendships have developed in the past out of these groups.  Try it!!!  For more information, contact Dan and Joan Altman (898-3697). 

Last Published: December 1, 2015 11:40 AM
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