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Transition Team Update

Kirke_Ryder_IMG_9593 cropped-optThe Transition Team has been working hard to put plans in place to help transition the church after Pastor Randy’s retirement. We have met many times as a team, and have communicated and met frequently with the Commission on Ministry (COM), which is a part of the Winnebago Presbytery. We’ve learned that there are a few different options to replace a pastor. Traditionally a church searches for an Interim Pastor to come in and lead the church through a discernment process, lasting up to a year or more. In our case, the Presbytery has granted us permission to move ahead without an Interim Pastor, which means we can go ahead and appoint a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), and begin the search for our called and installed pastor. This is good news, since it will shorten the process to find a pastor!

The Nominating Committee (chaired by Jon Tessier) is hard at work finding members who are interested in serving on the PNC. Once the slate is finalized, the Session will recommend the slate of candidates, and the congregation will vote on the slate at a congregational meeting. The approved PNC will then meet and begin the search for a pastor. Their first step will be to put together a Ministry Information Form (MIF). Once the form is completed, it will be submitted to Presbytery, where it will be matched against Pastor Information Forms (PIF) for a list of available pastors that meet our church’s criteria. Once a list is obtained, the PNC will review the available candidates and begin the process of deciding which candidates are the best potential match for our church. The best candidates will then be interviewed for a potential match.

The transition process is moving along well and we are pleased with the progress that has been made to date. We’ll continue to update the congregation regularly as more information is available.

Kirke Ryder, Transition Team Chairperson

Invitation from Our Pastor

Pastor Randy 6-4-17I invite you to explore this website to learn more about us. You can also discover some of our excitement and energy from our Facebook page. Most importantly, I invite you to visit us on a Sunday morning so that you can personally experience the warmth and love of this amazing congregation.

As a missional church, we are committed to reaching out to our neighborhood, community and world. You will find outreach activities here that will help you make a difference in the lives of others. We believe that God is at work in the world and God calls us to participate in this work. Our mission is to inspire you to love and serve with Christ!

We are a mainline Presbyterian Church and strive to be inclusive and welcoming of all. We believe there is biblical support for including persons in the life of the church who have historically experienced discrimination and exclusion.  

We Presbyterians do not all agree on every issue, but we do always honor and respect one another. Jesus Christ is the center who holds us all together.

If this missional and mature Christian perspective resonates with you, there is a place for you among us! 

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