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2016 Youth Triennium

PYT_GraphicThree young people and two adults from First Presbyterian Church traveled to Purdue University to attend Triennium on July 19-23. They appreciate your support in their efforts.

The Presbyterian Youth Triennium is a five day event for high school age youth from all over the country. The Triennium is focused on equipping young people to be transformational Christian leaders and seeks to join with the home churches of the attendees to help call young people into deeper discipleship in Jesus Christ. The Youth Triennium is a high energy, biblically infused and focused, youth friendly conference.


My time at Triennium
Liz Paag w macaw July 2016_optby Elizabeth (Liz) Paag

This year I was one of the few who got to go to Triennium with Brandt (Schoffelman) and Taylor (Wittmann). Thankfully, most of the other churches that were in our delegation I have already met in the past through Fall Presbyterian Camp. It was a 6 or maybe 7 hour bus ride including a “quick” stop at Culver's for lunch. I was sitting next to Sydney, a friend of mine from fall camp. Once we got to the university we could definitely feel the humidity. Just standing in the shade I was sweating like I ran a marathon! The dorms didn’t have air conditioning either so we had to bring fans for the room. Dinner that night was amazing: I thought that college food would just be like high school food, you know greasy, slimy things like that. But this was different; we had a buffet of all variety of different foods ranging from Chinese, salads, pizza, chicken, pasta, and Sloppy Joes. 

The next day was our first small group. Triennium arranged everyone’s small group so that every person in the group was from a different place. My small group was quiet at first but soon after introductions we all felt like we knew each other. Each day after that it wasn’t that hard to start a conversation with someone in your small group. My group made little bags - our teacher told us to write on the bag things that people usually call you in a negative way. But then she said that each day she would give everyone a blank notecard to write on it and compliment the person, then put it in the bag so they can read it at the end of the week. What was said in my bag was very heart touching and very nice. Some were about how pretty my outfit was, some were about how they love how I’m not afraid to talk to anyone and that I’m not afraid to speak up for what I believe in. Small group was an awesome way for me to get to know new people from different places.

Then, we would go to worship before dinner. Worship was one of my favorite places to be. The energizers were fantastic and catchy, and the sermons were just phenomenal. Each day there was a different preacher, some of my favorite lessons from the sermons are, God is F.U.N., meaning F is forgiving, U is understanding, and N is never too busy. Another is how you're not supposed to carry around a backpack full of guilt and regret and sin, you're supposed to let it go, and give it to God. At the end of each sermon I felt that I was a new, changing person. That I was an advocate of change, which was another lesson from a sermon. I could really hear God talking to me and working with me when I was sitting and listening in worship. 

Throughout Triennium I was experiencing God sightings. Some little, some small. One God sighting was when I was in Delegation and the activity we had to do was to sing a song that has the word you were given. We were split into 4 groups; my group was struggling with the word we had to sing, which was heart. We only had 30 seconds left and then out of the blue Brandt starting singing Heartbeat. We all started clapping along to him singing and we all enjoyed him singing. I think that this was a God sighting for me because I got to witness Brandt come out of his comfort zone. 

I’m so thankful for being able to go to Triennium this year. For everyone who said “it will be amazing and the best time of your life”, they were right. 

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Last Published: July 9, 2017 4:49 PM