Confirmation Sacramental Preparation

The Rite of Confirmation for youth is a time for teens to take ownership and say 'yes' to their faith journey as a Catholic.  At Confirmation we are sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide us to live a life in relationship with Christ and our Church. 

Through this process, youth will learn about our faith and the sacrament through large & small groups, retreats, service, along with other powerful activities.  Confirmation Preparation begins in October and is celebrated in October each year.  Youth must be 16 years of age to celebrate the sacrament. Preparation can begin if:

-  Youth have participated in Alpha
-  Youth have attended a Catholic School or Youth Ministry Small groups for the year prior to and including the year of preparation.

Youth must be 15 years of age by September 1st the year prior to the Sacrament. For example:

-  Youth born before September 1, 2004 can begin preparation in October 2020 to receive the sacrament in October 2020.
-  Youth born before September 1, 2005 can begin preparation in October 2021 to receive the sacrament in October 2021.

Registration for Confirmation takes place in the fall prior to beginning preparation.

2019 Confirmation Prep Schedule

Resources for Current Candidates

Session 3: Sunday, April 7th from 6:30 – 8:00pm in Lofy Hall

Retreat Sign Up (click here)

2019 Confirmation Sponsor Info Form (click here)

Last Published: March 22, 2019 1:32 PM
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