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Parish Staff



Fr. Don Thimm- Mission Director: Pastor

I was appointed pastor at Holy Apostles on June 22, 2010. I have the good fortune of celebrating sacraments – especially Eucharist – with you. As pastor I work with the parish council, parish leaders, and parish staff to articulate the vision for the future of our parish. I then work with staff and parishioners to coordinate our efforts in accomplishing that vision at this time in our parish history.


Mike Chmielewski- Mission Director: Deacon

I started serving Holy Apostles as a deacon in June 2009. My wife, Mary, and our family joined the parish in 1993. I provide baptism and marriage preparation. I perform baptisms, witness marriages, assist and preach at weekend liturgies – usually monthly. I am also a member of our Human Concerns and Outreach committees.

Liturgy and Music


Jeff Honoré- Mission Director: Pastoral Music

I started ministry at Holy Apostles on January 21, 2013.  It is my privilege to lead sung prayer at our weekend Eucharistic liturgies, along with the host of many talented musicians present here.  As director you would also find me at choir rehearsals, guiding the cantors and parish instrumentalists, assisting with music at weddings, funerals and major feasts and celebrations.  My wife, Debra, is also a Catholic church musician from which our ministry began together many years ago. It is a joy and honor to continue that ministry at Holy Apostles, being aware of the signs of the times and the needs of this sacred place. May we become the words we pray and sing.



Sharon Baxter  Mission Director: Discipleship

The word “disciple” may be a bit intimidating or unfamiliar. When you look at it in the context of relationship it becomes easy to make a connection. My role at Holy Apostles is to promote a culture that moves people to grow as disciples in relationship with Jesus, each other and our world. It’s to set hearts on fire that change the way we live and make a difference. When you really know Jesus, you can’t wait to share your experience with others! That’s when we are living the mission of the church as disciples inviting people to grow with us and get to know Jesus. 







Faith Formation

Terese Tobin

Teresa Tobin - Mission Director: Child and Family

My name is Teresa Tobin and I am the Director of Children's Ministry here at Holy Apostles. Children have always been a part of my life. I am the oldest of five girls and was raised in a faithful Catholic family.  Originally from California, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development from California State University at Fresno. I have worked professionally with children ranging in age from birth to 12 years old both in the public and private sector over the last 25 years. I have a passion for my Catholic faith and an eagerness to share it with children.  I believe the children are the future of our church and feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity to serve and mentor. My husband Randy and I live in New Berlin along with our son and daughter.  I love this community and look forward to many years of service here at Holy Apostles.


Rachel Madden - Mission Director:  Youth

Rachel has worked closely with the Youth, Child and Family, and Service areas of the parish to support these ministries and our mission as a church.  She approaches everything she does with great enthusiasm, energy, and a love for people.  As a missionary leader, she is committed to walking with people so they grow in their relationship with Jesus and the community.  She has experience in motivating groups, program coordination, and relationship building.  The Edge Middle School program by Life Teen and the Chosen Confirmation program will continue to anchor our faith formation experiences for youth.  Both offer a place for youth to grow in a small group community that is fun, relevant, and encourages them to encounter Jesus in a profound, personal way.  We look forward to how Rachel’s unique gifts and perspective will strengthen these programs, and the experiences she will develop to set the youth on fire for their faith!

Jess Makuck

Jess Makuck - Mission Assistant: Child, Youth, and Family Discipleship

I am a jack of all trades. I came to Holy Apostles looking for a community that I could share my leadership, love of people, and joy with. Weeks later, here I am incorporating a background in education, chemistry, sociology, and women and gender studies from Marquette University in ways I never dreamed of. The Lord’s plan for me was finally made clear after working years in the coffee industry, at camps for individuals with disabilities, and in chemistry labs, that I was meant for something different. That difference is you, an opportunity to connect with your family and foster a relationship rooted in loving the Lord, loving others, and being the best version of ourselves.

The most important relationship you have is with the Lord. This relationship can often get pushed aside in the chaos of life and it’s my desire to provide an enhanced experience with the Lord through your family group. Whether your family is just getting started, in the mix of figuring life out, or well-seasoned, I’m your go to gal for all your Child, Youth, and Family needs. Come to me with questions about registration, program specifics and options, hospitality interests, and date details. I can’t wait to meet you and your family as we explore each other’s lives.

My family has been a huge part of my upbringing as the oldest of four kids from Atlanta, Georgia. This large Catholic family dynamic has produced a love for people, a desire to serve, and joy in spending quality time with those we love around us. Whether that is sharing a meal, reminiscing about travels around the world, memories of that one of a kind experience, or learning something new, I always love to share my life and listening to the wonder of your life. My heart is always warmed when a new relationship grows, and that connection is made. I am looking forward to meeting your beautiful family and you sometime soon. 

Charity and Justice

Phil Stepanski Headshot photo 1

Phil Stepanski - Mission Director: Service

Love God.  Love Others.  Transform Our World.  The Holy Apostles Parish community is committed to following this mission by creating disciples.  Two of the key discipleship habits are “using our gifts” and “serving others”.  And that’s where I come in. I foster and develop relationships with groups that serve the “last, least, lost and lonely” here in our own backyards and around the world.  I create service opportunities for all interests and all ages that result from these relationships.  Since we all have different gifts, I work together with all of you to provide many different ways to use these gifts to serve others.

How can you best use your gifts to serve others?  To feed the hungry? To clothe the naked?  To give drink to the thirsty? To provide shelter to the homeless?  To give comfort to the sick and lonely?  By providing multiple ways and multiple entry points to serve the less fortunate, I help each of you along this critical step in your discipleship journey at your own pace and your own comfort level.  I can connect you to organizations and opportunities that best suit your call to serve! 

Stewardship and Parish Life


Terri Engsberg – Mission Director: Engagement

I recently changed positions at Holy Apostles.  In July, 2011 I was hired as the Director of Parish Advancement and Stewardship.  Before that, I worked in the Adult, Child and Family Ministry.  In my new position I will
•advance the parish mission by gathering the resources necessary to sustain the mission of the parish
•promote stewardship as a way of Christian discipleship and
•direct our Parish Life Ministry.   

My husband Dave and I have four boys.  We have lived in New Berlin since 1988 and have been members of Holy Apostles since 1993.  I am excited about my new position and feel privileged to serve here.

Betsy Fuhrmann web

Betsy Fuhrmann - Mission Assistant: Parish Life

Hello! My name is Betsy Fuhrmann, and I started July 5, 2017, as Mission Assistant for Parish Life.  My main responsibilities will be to plan and implement Parish Life Events and Activities, such as the Festival, Fish Fry, and the Auction.  I’m excited for this opportunity to serve others, help promote fellowship, and continue to develop our faith experience at Holy Apostles Parish. 

My husband, John, and I have been members of Holy Apostles since 1991, and we’ve been involved with different ministries at Holy Apostles over the years.  I feel blessed to be a part of the Holy Apostles family and look forward to working with staff and parishioners on Parish Life Events and Activities.

Jan 2016_newr

Jan Fredrickson - Mission Assistant: Parish

Welcome to Holy Apostles!

If you have a question about the parish or particular need, I am your first stop.  As many of you know, my position is the face and the voice of the church.  My mission is to assist you as you navigate the faith journey for yourself and your family.  With an eye on what’s going on and a genuine interest in your growth, I will invite you to participate in experiences the parish is offering.

In addition, the following are some of my responsibilities:

  • Faith Formation Registration (Child, Youth, Family, Adult)
  • Baptism, Wedding and Funeral Coordination
  • Sacrament Certificates
  • Mass Intentions
  • Prayer & Worship (Orders of Worship, Sacrament Registry, Anniversary Blessings, etc.)
  • Provide administrative assistance to our Pastor and Parish Life 

I am happy and blessed to be a part of the Holy Apostles staff and doing work all for the Glory of God!  I joined the team in August 2011.

My husband, Tom, and I have been members of Holy Apostles since July 1995.  We have four children and one granddaughter.  We are both actively serving in the parish in several ministries and love being a part of the Holy Apostles faith and family!

Beth Pirkey

Beth Pirkey - Mission Advancement Officer

Growing up in the Holy Apostles community, I experienced something special here that I want to sustain for my children and the generations of Catholics that will follow. My role is to help communicate the impact of our mission and to inspire you to bless others through generous giving. When we prayerfully sacrifice our resources, we are proclaiming what we believe and inviting others to participate with us in living out our mission.  

I am here to connect you to our mission, share how we are transforming hearts and minds, and communicate the impact that your financial support has on the Church, our community, and beyond. I invite you to invest yourself in our mission though the gifts God has given you.



Anne Levendoski – Mission Director: Administration

I began serving at Holy Apostles, in the summer of 1999, when a colleague asked me to become a member of the Finance Ministry. Since then, I have volunteered on the Endowment Committee and at various school activities, including serving as an assistant coach for the 6th grade Girls’ basketball team.

I am excited to be able to serve the parish and school by developing, directing, and coordinating the parish finances as well as the administrative ministries of the Finance Council, Human Resources, Technology, and Facilities.  I look forward to working with the many wonderful people here at Holy Apostles.

My husband, Joe, and I became members of Holy Apostles shortly after we moved to New Berlin in 1996. We have two daughters who are in middle school at Holy Apostles. I have experience in general accounting, auditing, financial analysis, budget management, strategic planning, implementing process improvements and efficiencies as well as working on cross-functional teams.  I am a CPA with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Marquette University.

kari rikkola

Kari Rikkola - Mission Assistant: Administration

My mission is to serve both parishioners and the parish/school staff.  With the promise to protect and pledge to heal, I coordinate the Archdiocese's Safeguarding All God's Family requirements of all staff and volunteers that work with our children and youth.  In addition, I maintain Parishioners connections to Holy Apostles by fulfilling the data integrity of our growing and changing families.  As well as offer employment support to the parish and school staff.

If Parishioners have a change of communication or new information, such as a mailing address or email change, I would be happy to update the parish records. If workers or volunteers need education or re-certification of their Safeguarding requirements, I will reach out to you for coordination and resources. If parish or school staff members have questions regarding employment, timekeeping, benefits or guidelines, my door is open.


Karly Gaulke  - Mission Manager: Bookkeeper
Hello! My name is Karly Gaulke and I am the bookkeeper here at Holy Apostles. I began in March 2014 and look forward to supporting the many financial functions of the parish. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Currently, I live in Milwaukee with my husband and our two young children.

emily andresen website photo

Emily Andresen - Mission Assistant: Bookkeeper

My mission is to serve both parishioners and parish staff members. I serve as a key member on the administrative team by insuring accuracy and integrity of the financial data.  If Parishioners have contribution discrepancies, I will be in contact to help resolve those issues. If a member of the parish staff needs assistance on use of ACS, I will be available to answer questions and guide you through ACS. I will provide ongoing communication of financial information to the parish through the bulletin, webpage, or other appropriate means. 

 I recently graduated from WCTC with an Associate degree in accounting. Before Holy Apostles, I started at law firm as an administrative assistant where I still help on occasion. I have done many mission trips in my middle and high school years, helped in soup kitchens, and served in the community which helped me grow stronger in my faith. 



Christopher Hahn Mission Manager: Building & Grounds


Hello my name is Christopher Hahn. I have been at Holy Apostles for awhile, stating with my baptism and continuing on to attend Holy Apostles School. I started working in the Building and Grounds Department in June 2006, the summer after my freshmen year in high school. Throughout the years I have also been active in the parish through volunteering with the Boy Scout Troop, Festival and Youth Ministry. I am also currently attending Waukesha County Technical College for Business Management.
I am glad to be working here at Holy Apostles Parish by helping take care of the grounds, facility maintenance and custodial work and being able to serve all the ministries of Holy Apostles Parish through these means.

Ronda DeAngelis Mission Assistant: Building & Grounds


My role at Holy Apostles is one of service.  I support a great staff in Building and Grounds by assisting with the needs to maintain the premises at Holy Apostles. I manage and expedite work needed by parish and school staff, parish members and assist with needs related to our cemetery.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband and three children.  Over the years, I have served as a small group leader with faith formation and currently serve as an Eucharistic Minister. Assisting not only my children, but the children of Holy Apostles to learn about God, build a relationship and rely on Him through all trials in life motivates me.  I am constantly in search to study and learn how to be a better disciple of Christ.  This desire to learn propelled me to collaborate with other women to start a group called HA Wine, Women and The Word.  A casual group where women come together to share faith and learn about the Word of God.

In my freetime, my energy is spent with my children, family and friends.   Our kids are active in sports and music.  Our family loves to take adventures and explore different cities and places.  I enjoy baking and cooking for others.  My love of baking is fueled by watching others delight in the treats.


Tom Vizer –Mission Custodian:  Building & Grounds
Start Date: August 1994

I provide custodial duties for the parish buildings.


kristen lee

Kristin Lee - Mission Director: Principal

My goal as principal is to provide the leadership that will continue to facilitate a school environment that provides the best possible academic instruction to meet the needs of each student. The educational program must be academically challenging, engaging, and also be exciting to promote further learning and the exploration of new ideas. While I believe that academics are a very important part of education, I also believe that teaching the love of Christ with morals and values is just as important in developing the whole child. I am excited that we have the opportunity here at Holy Apostles to touch the lives of many children and teach them about the love of Jesus Christ.

Through a close partnership with staff members and parents, together, we will continue to ensure our students develop a love of learning and of the Catholic faith that continues throughout their lives. I am truly blessed to be appointed to this position, and look forward to working with the dedicated staff to provide the best possible educational program for our students, and help the school continue to grow. Please feel free to stop in and say hello, as my door is always open.


Cathy Kornacki – Mission Assistant: School

I have been part of the Holy Apostles School Family for most of my life. I began as a first grader and continued through my eighth grade graduation. I then had the privilege, after college graduation, to return to my Alma mater as a teacher. I had the honor of working with many wonderful families and being part of the education process for hundreds of first grade students over my twenty-seven years of employment.

I have returned to the H.A. School family as the part-time school secretary, as of June, 2011. My duties include providing assistance to the students, parents and staff of the school. I am also responsible for recording the tuition and fee payments and the scheduling of the lunchroom and playground supervisors.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with and serve the people of Holy Apostles Parish and School. 


Sue Bindl -  Mission Manager:  School Strategic Marketing & Communications

I joined the Holy Apostles  team in October 2015 as the Marketing Manager for our school.  In this role, I will communicate our message to prospective and existing school families.
I have been a parish member for about 3 years and my husband and I have two children in HA.  I truly love being part of the Holy Apostles family and can't wait to share the story of our school with the broader community.

Michael Lex web

Michael Lex – Mission Coordinator of Technology

In this 21st century world, it is necessary to recognize the role that technology plays in the education of our children and in the development of our faith.  My mission is to help Holy Apostles to continue grow into this 21st century reality and to be a resource for the continued technological growth of our community.  I will help the faculty and staff at Holy Apostles to envision how technology can improve their lessons and the education of their students.  I will help the parish and school to envision the possibilities for our future and how we can utilize technology to engage our faith in Christ in new and amazing ways.  I am here as a technology coordinator to help Holy Apostles to see the ways in which technology can be of service to their own unique and God-given vocations.  For just as God grants us all things through His glory, we must use those gifts and tools to reflect back praise and honor Him.

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