Role of the Pastoral Council

You are probably used to hearing about Parish Council and Finance Committee or Ministry at Holy Apostles. Beginning on July 1st we began forming the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council. This change was announced by Archbishop Listecki to be effective on July 1, 2012 and to be implemented in every parish in our diocese by July 1, 2015. Both groups are advisory to the pastor.

These councils began at Holy Apostles on July 1, 2013. The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is as follows:

  1. To be a vehicle for fulfilling the pastoral mission of Jesus and the Church in a specific part of the Archdiocese. It does this by developing Catholic identity, promoting evangelization, and fostering stewardship.

  2. To strive to build a community of disciples who recognize their baptismal calls to lives of holiness, witness, and service.

  3. To engage in a continuous process of pastoral planning, which takes into account the needs and priorities of its parishioners, the Archdiocese, the broader community, and the world.

This council will continue to be comprised of thirteen members including nine representatives selected by the parish and four ex-officio members – two trustees, associate pastor, and the pastor. Three new members are selected annually for a three year term. Trustees are selected for two year terms. This is not a change. Perhaps the major change appears as a result of the responsibility of the Parish Finance Council.

The purpose of the Parish Finance Council is as follows:

  1. To provide advice and guidance to the pastor in the administration of parish assets.

  2. To prepare the parish budget, any budget for extraordinary expenditures, and review financial statements.

  3. To monitor the financial condition of the parish, including regular financial reviews/audits as well as internal financial controls by following the recommendations in the audit/review.

  4. To review any indebtedness of the parish and assist the pastor in fulfilling his obligations under canon 1284.5 (“pay the interest on a loan or mortgage when it is due and take care that the capital debt itself is repaid in time.”)

  5. To provide assistance in the formulation and communication of an annual financial report to the parish community as required by canon 1287.2

In the past these responsibilities were done by a Finance Committee and the Parish Council. The Parish Finance Council is now the consultative body in all parish financial matters.

The council consists of the following seven members: ?

  • Two representatives selected from the at-large membership of the Parish Pastoral Council by the membership of the Pastoral Council ?

  • Four members of the parish appointed by the pastor ?

  • The trustee-treasurer The pastor is an ex-officio member.

The associate pastor serves as an observer. Our parish Director of Administration (Anne Levendoski) serves as a resource. Terms for at-large members are for two years and are limited to two consecutive terms. The names and contact information for members of both councils will appear in the bulletin and our web page.

Last Published: September 3, 2015 11:01 AM
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