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The Youth Music Program at the Hills Church has a long and storied history. Worshiping God through music is one of the many strengths of this church. 

Thanks to the great work of professional and volunteer leaders, all children enjoy a time of singing and music during the Sunday morning Church School hour. 

The Hills Church offers the following Youth Music programs:

The Youth/Young Adult choir, ages 14 through 21, meets on Sundays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. A light supper is served at 5:30 p.m. Contact John Finney, Director (

Youth Handbell Choir – The Jolly Ringers is a musical group for grades 3 through 8, who wish to learn the art of handbell ringing and love sharing what they have learned with the congregation in worship. Handbell ringing is a true team sport and brings children of different ages together in the church. We encourage anyone with a love of music to give us a try and share in the joy of making music together. Rehearsals vary with the participants schedules. Questions, including interest in joining the group, should be directed to Martha Stowell, Director (

Children's Handbell Choir – The Cheerful Chimes is a musical group for grades K – 3. Children begin to learn ringing technique using handchimes and begin to develop musicality through various games and activities. Several times during the year the Cheerful Chimes participate in worship services. Rehearsals are directly after church for 45 minutes. Questions, including interest in joining the group, should be directed to Katie Stowell, Director (

Music within the Church School – The Hills Church enjoys a rich history involving our youth in various music programs. The Music program for the children dovetails with a new Christian Education curriculum with presents Bible stories in one month segments with the use of story, art, brain games, and music.

Click here to see our Children's Choir perform at Grace Knight Babson 2012.