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12/08/2005 ARCHIVE

Touching the hearts of 'untouchables' for Christ
By Lisa Sergent, assistant editor, Illinois Baptist

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. | India is a country where 81 percent of its population is Hindu, 12 percent Muslim and just 2 percent Christian. Samuel Issmer is in the minority, he came to know Christ at an early age. Issmer, a native of India, was raised by Christian missionaries.
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Dr. James Baldwin passes away at 92
By Lisa Sergent, assistant editor, Illinois Baptist

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. | Dr. James (Jimmy) Baldwin, pastor and former Illinois Baptist State Association Evangelism director, died on Friday, Nov. 25, 2005, in Hamilton Memorial Hospital in McLeansboro, Ill. He was 92.
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Why the Church needs apologetics, even when the lost won't listen
By Mark Coppenger

Now and then apologetics (argumentation for defense of the faith) has a direct impact on lost people, leading them toward conversion, or at least away from hostility. For instance, perennial skeptic Antony Flew now expresses a form of theism, in part because of the argument from intelligent design in nature. (See the interview at www.biola.edu/antonyflew/.) But it's been my experience that the will is more often the problem than the intellect. Men don't want a Lord, they don't want someone interfering with their agendas. Rather than admit this (to themselves or others), they toss out arguments to lend their indifference or hostility to God an air of sophistication.
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An unencumbered Gospel
By Tom Adams

The Lord Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples of all nations. For the first fourteen years after His ascension, this activity was confined to the nearby Jewish population. Acts 1-12 details the exciting response of a group and culture uniquely prepared by God.
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Youth asked to participate in overseas mission project from home

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. | The Fellowship of Baptist Educators is seeking youth groups, Sunday School classes, Acteens, Challengers or other groups to participate in an overseas mission project without leaving home. Each year students in China who are taking English write letters ?to an American Friend,? and the Fellowship of Baptist Educators places these letters with Christian students in grades 7-12 who will answer them, using the guidelines that are provided. In many cases a pen-pal relationship continues, either by mail or e-mail, the Christian young person has an opportunity to share his/her faith. The young person has a real part in a great missions movement in a country where regular missionary work is restricted.
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