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Does your organization have an existing client-server application that you would like to deliver via the web? IDS can help.  

The SaaS or "Application Virtualization" Delivery Model is becoming an attractive and cost effective way for many different types of service providers and ISV's to deliver their product to the web.  Through this approach providers are reducing internal operating costs, and helping their customers reduce cost of ownership for their products.  They are able to implement solutions faster, and streamline support of their software.

Reduce IT costs.


Web Enable Legacy Server / Client Apps instantly, no need to redesign for the web.  IDS provides a fast, secure, and reliable delivery method, allowing you to offer a web solution to your customers without additional development costs.

Eliminate TS Cal's. 
Users can be fully controlled and delivered using IDS.  There is no need to run Microsoft TS or RS to publish an application, eliminating the costs associated with Terminal Server Client Access Licenses.

Users can run heavy applications on a centralized Host Server. Allowing access to your app from less expensive, minimally-equipped client devices reduces your customers overall hardware costs.

Improve IT efficiency by centralizing application
support and allowing you to maintain your app in one place - a benefit to both your IT staff and your customer.


Target More Customers.


Extending your market has never been so easy. With IDS you can support multi-campus sites, home offices, and businesses with remote users.  Web-enabling your software allows you to publish single or multiple applications and allow your customers to connect to your software from most devices. 



Why should I use IDS for Application Virtualization?

Virtualizing your application with IDS is easy, affordable, transparent, and fast.  Your application runs unchanged on a centralized host server with the IDS Host software installed. Once IDS is installed it is instantly published or "served-up" to local and remote devices,  there is no need for complex infrastructure.  On the client-side, users simply run one of the IDS clients or browser plugins,  from the client perspective your application looks, feels, and performs exactly as if it is installed locally on the client device.  Our advanced technology includes the patented RXP protocol for fast LAN-like performance over all network connections, including low-bandwidth lines, modem connections, and latency-intensive Internet links.


Secure.  Flexible.  Client Access.
Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android Tablet users can now have access to your application. Anytime. Anywhere. Its Secure! SSL with 256-bit encryption. Its Flexible! Use the IDS client or your web browser with multi-user/multi-session support. Improve customer satisfaction by allowing access from less expensive, minimally-equipped client devices.

 Admin Tools.
Our Administration Tools allow you to Manage Sites, Active Directory and Database Users (SQL), and Add, Remove, and Provision rights to your virtualized applications with ease, send system-wide or group specific System Notifications to your user, and Customize the look and feel of your application by aesthetically modifying your customers landing page and application screen.  

White-Label to your Brand.
Deliver IDS to your customers using your marketing trade address. Our exclusive branding and overlay makes it possible for you to publish a fully customized application to your customers.   Brand the Host, the Client, the Ipad App, and the Android App and use the overlay to change the look and feel of the application menu screens to reflect your company's unique brand.


Flexible Host Options.
Let us host your servers at our state-of-the-art Data Center with IDS Managed Hosting Service, Host IDS in your Data Center, install your Host(s) on Customer Premise, or create a mixed environment that fits your needs and the needs of your customer.  IDS is Flexible.

Scalable. Redundant. Reliable.
In an IDS Host environment you can provision redundant licensing, application, and database servers using a physical or a virtual environment.  Add or remove servers, load balance your application servers and control a users connection based on their particular needs. 

Transfer. Copy. Paste. Print.
IDS automatically maps your local drives and printers, allowing your customer to move files between their traditional desktop and your virtual app  with ease.   Copy and Paste functions are enabled, making moving between your hosted app and the desktop seamless.





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