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Welcome! In response to the call in Romans 15:7 "welcome one another therefore, as Christ has welcomed you for the glory of God," we believe that every person has worth as an individual and every person is entitled to dignity and respect.

We therefore publicly proclaim that:

  • We welcome people of any race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and physical ability into the membership of our church, and we encourage all people to share their faith, gifts and talents in worship, service, study and leadership;

  • We commit to remove all barriers that exclude people from full and active participation in our church; and

  • We will continually strive to be non-judgmental in our thoughts and actions and discourage judging others at every opportunity.

We’ve assembled some answers to questions you might have of us. Browse through our pages, and if you come up with more questions, send them to us. We’re always open to conversation!


What time do you worship on Saturday/Sundays?
We gather at 9:00 am and 11:15 am every Sunday to hear God's good news through prayer, song, reading of scriptures, Holy Communion and preaching. We use a variety of musical styles to communicate the diversity of the good news.

Where are you located?
1826 Killian Hill Road Lilburn, GA 30047. Click HERE for directions.

Do you have a nursery?
We invite all children to join their families in worship, but if you so desire, your child can be cared for in the nursery which is available on Sunday mornings for children 4 years and younger.  

Do you celebrate Holy Communion?
We celebrate Holy Communion at every worship gathering. We invite all baptized people who have a simple trust that the real presence of Jesus is this meal to join us.

How should I dress?
We're a warm community open to all. Jeans or suits are equally welcome.

Where can I park?
We have plenty of parking available in the back of our church and some designated specially spaces for our guests on the sides. You can enter the building on through the large colored doors in the front or the double glass doors visible from the parking lot. There is an elevator between the lower and main floor for your assistance.

What's available for my children?
We have a nursery for your youngest children. At 10:15 am on Sundays, there are different opportunities for people of all ages to engage in faith education. This is an opportunity to discover the fullness of God's interaction with our world. Teams of teachers lead eager participants through hands-on activities and discovery. 

What does "Faith Education" for adults look like?
Most Sundays, we invite you to join one of several opportunities at 10:15 am to explore different themes relating to life today and how they intersect with God's Story in the Holy Scriptures. This is a good chance to meet others and explore the fullness of faith. We often discuss topics through small groups while in a larger group setting.

What is a "Lutheran?"
A diversity of faith traditions make up what the world knows as "Christianity." In today's world, we cannot avoid choosing how we will follow Jesus in his mission to love and bless our world with the grace of God. All Christian faith traditions stand together in accepting the risen Jesus of Nazareth as God's Son, the One who has come to free us from our brokenness and give us life in God's Spirit. Being Lutheran is one dynamic fabric of the quilt of followers of Jesus.

Lutherans are Christians who shape our life together as a church by accepting historic confessions which form our participation in the world. These confessional documents are built upon our firm belief that:

We are saved by the grace of God alone--not by anything we do;

Our salvation is through faith alone--we only need to trust God made known in Christ who promises us forgiveness, life and salvation; and

The Bible is the norm for faith and life--the true standard by which teachings and doctrines are to be judged.

To learn more about Lutherans and our partnership within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, click HERE. Make sure to come back when you're done exploring. As always, we're available to talk with you about your questions.

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