Metro Ministries' mission is to work in conjunction with the Central District center, its member congregations, lay and clergy leaders -- connecting resources to ministries and ministries to resources for the cause of Christ. 

Metro Ministries' vision is connecting, resourcing, partnering and supporting United Methodist congregations in realizing their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and United Methodist related community ministries in realizing their mission of caring for all through risk taking mission and leadership development programs.

Activities funded by this grant must be intentional about and focused on, meeting at least one of the following expectations:

  • Leadership Development — Metro will give grants to programs or projects that train youth/adults to become passionate, educated, and well informed leaders with the practice of service.  These programs or projects should include outward focused church and community ministries.
  • Risk-taking Mission & Service — Risk-Taking Mission and Service includes the projects, the efforts, and the work people do to make a positive difference in the lives of others for the purposes of Christ, whether or not they will ever be part of the community of faith.
  • Engaging in Ministry with the Poor -- Christ calls us to be in ministry with the poor and marginalized. Our emphasis is on “with” – standing with those who are regarded as “the least of these,” listening to them, understanding their needs and aspirations, and working with them to achieve their goals. It also means addressing the causes of poverty and responding in ways that lift up individuals and communities. United Methodists believe working side by side with those striving to improve their situation is more effective long term than top-down charity.


If you were unable to attend the March 3, 2018  informational meeting contact: 317-452-4786 or

  • In addition to the grant application, please submit the following directly by email to Lisa Morris.
  • End of project report due (within 30 days of completion of project)
  • Lead to self-sustaining program
  • Additional criteria:
    • Efforts to pay the conference and district tithe
    • United Methodist Church or United Methodist related Community Ministry
    • Ministry Grants are for programming expenses not salaries 


Last Published: March 6, 2018 11:28 AM
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