Step-by-Step Instructions for Opening Your MPC Account

Step 1 
Click “Member Login” on the main page at http://morningsidepc.org.


Step 2
For first time use, you will need to create a login by selecting “Click here”. For subsequent use, skip ahead to Step 5.


Step 3
Enter the Email Address, First Name, and Last Name you have on file with MPC, and click “Find Me”. If a match is found, the page will say Congratulations you have successfully set up an account. Wait for an email containing your username and password. If a match is not found, you will be directed to contact the church office.


Step 4
Check your email and use the temporary password login. After this initial log in, youwill be asked to create a new password of your choosing.

Step 5
Enter your email address, your password, and click “Sign In”