Members' FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is ACS?
ACS is an online data management system from ACS Technologies Group, Inc. The staff at Morningside Presbyterian Church uses ACS to access and maintain membership data. Because staff and members can use, update, correct and see the same information, all of us can rest assured that information is accurate and up-to-date.

2. Is ACS secure?
Yes! When you click the login link you will be taken to the secure ACS website. You will have your own unique login. Permission to open an ACS account must be manually approved by the church office. Also, any changes to your profile must be submitted and manually approved by the church office, which adds one more level of security.

3. How do I get started?
Simply click the Member Login link on the main page at morningsidepc.org , and you will be taken to the online directory. For detailed sign up/sign in instructions, click here. Once you are there, click "Need a login". If we have your correct e-mail address on file, then you will be sent a temporary password via email. You can then go back to the online directory page to complete the login process.

4. What do I need to do once I’m there?
Once you have logged in, please review and make any necessary changes to your personal profile. Edits are actually change requests the church office must approve, and may take up to one day to take place. Please remember that pictures can also be uploaded, and to load pictures that will help other members know who you are (the church office will only approve appropriate pictures).

5. How much information can other members see about me and my family?
Home address, email address, phone numbers, as well as individual and family photos are possible for others to view, but only to the extent you want to share. Privacy and security are incredibly important to us. You choose how much information is displayed to church members with just a couple of clicks. 

NOTE: Church staff has unrestricted access to your information at all times. Any privacy settings that you change only affect what any congregation member can see through ACS.

6. What makes a good profile picture?
Head shots make the best profile photos ... from the shoulders up, eye level, straight on or a 3/4 view, and with modest dress. Think "driver's license photo" but more flattering. If you do not have a head shot that you would like to use, then feel free to contact the church office, and we’ll coordinate a way to get a photo uploaded.

7. Who do I contact with questions or problems?
If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact the church office atoffice@morningsidepc.org.