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Next weekend, Ace Tui, our seminarian will be with us for the weekend.  He just completed his Pastoral Year in Kona and then went straight to Sacred Heart in Punahou for his summer assignment.  It has been busy year and summer for him.  He only will be with us next weekend, August 18, before he goes back to the seminary on Monday, August 19.  Please continue to pray for Ace and our Diocese Seminarians.
Parish History - Part II - OPLH School Opens and the Parish Grows



     In the last part we told you how the present property came form surplus Federal Lands. But it stipulated that the land could only be given free if it was used for education, health or welfare purposes. Fr. Eikmeier, the pastor at that time, decided to go ahead and put in for the land and to build a parish school. The new parish church would have to wait. But he knew that someday the church would come. Mother Mary would make sure of that.

     Construction of the school began in 1966. The first building of Our Lady of Perpetual Help School was completed and blessed in August of 1967. The single one story building consisted of four classrooms, a library, administrative offices and restooms. School opened in September of 1967. A second similar building was added a short time later. This consisted of five classrooms and restrooms. Grades five to eight were eventually added, as well as the kindergarten. It was originally staffed by six Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary.

     The school was purposely set back from North Road to accommodate the building of a new parish church once that was possible. But for then, that would have to wait because of the 20 year amortization clause of the government contract. In July of 1969, Bishop John Scanlon made OLPH a fully independent parish and no longer a mission of Immaculate Conception in Ewa. Fr. Francis Phillips became its first full time pastor.

     The period between 1972 and 1976 was a time of growth and change for OLPH. During this time the priests serving the growing parish community doubled. At the school, the Marist Sisters, who had made up the staff since its opening, dwindled and finally ended. The school was left in the hands of a totally lay faculty and administration for a few years, until the Augustinian Sisters arrived at the beginning of the 1976-077 school year. During the same time, the school expanded into a full kindergarten to eight grade facility.

    A more important kind of growth occurred at the little wooden church on Fort Weaver Road. Increasing numbers of parishioners began to take a more active part in parish life. The beginnings of a parish and finance council appeared as well as a liturgy planning committee. Increasing numbers of musicians and singers enabled the parish to form a difference choir for almost every Sunday Mass. The Altar Society expanded into a corps of women ever ready to reach out to others in the community who were in need. The Holy Name Society was reactivated and a Council of the Knights of Columbus was formed. A parish unit of the Filipino Catholic Club was also initiated.

    The vitality of the parish began to show in a special way in its liturgical life. The Thanksgiving Eve Mass became a highlight of the year. Holy Week and Easter celebrations became more and more enthusiastic and elaborate. A New Year’s Eve Mass celebrated the blessings of each year as it ended. The Flore de Mayo developed into a festive celebration of Mother Mary, our Patroness. Baptisms became an integral part of Sunday Masses and Confirmation was the occasion for a gala parish celebration. Other celebrations indicative of the life of the parish also appeared ranging from the annual gathering at the end of January for all who were engaged in any of the may parish ministries, down to the less formal Sunday afternoon volley ball games.

    As Ewa Beach continued to expand in both activity and in population, it became every more obvious that the little church that has served the community so well for so may years was no longer adequate. Plans were set in motion for a new church building to meet the expanded needs of the parish. But unless the land where the school was located was purchased, the stipulation by the Federal government that it could only be used for education or health and welfare purposes was still binding. Where were we going to get the money to purchase the land outright? Mother Mary comes to the rescue again.

Next:  Part III - The New Church is Built

Last Published: August 20, 2013 10:37 PM
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