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Newsletter/Prayer Chain

Worship Times on Sunday
  9:30  Sunday School
10:55  Worship in Sanctuary
  4:30  Children Fellowship                     5:30  Dinner                                         6:00  Youth Fellowship                    



We are a "Circle of Faith, A Family in the Round." 

So, what is a "Circle of Faith, A Family in the Round"? Our sanctuary is round (well,actually it is hexagonal) so that while we worship we look at each other. "Circle" also reminds us that there are churches that circle the globe and what we do in our space is a small expression of Christianity.

We are a family, too. We have different types of families that are part of our church family. Some families have only one member and some have several generations sitting together. Some families are non-traditional, but in the church we are one family of faith.

Please come and join our circle of faith on Sunday morning. Your family, no matter it's size or configuration, is welcome here!

Watch a short video introduction about Parkway here!