Front-Cross    Corpus Christi’s population grew rapidly after World War II.  The Presbyterian Extension     Committee began work to form three new churches; Parkway being one of the three.  The    general location was to be near the Meldo Park subdivision.

     Rev. Herff Applewhite was the organizing minister and in less than six-months Parkway    was chartered on October 15, 1952.  Groundbreaking for the first building was held less than  a year later.  By 1955 another building was needed for additional classroom space.

       Rev. Fred Swearingen became the second pastor of the church and served from 1955 until 1981.  Rev. Swearingen preached and taught about the church being an active participant and a change-agent in society.  Under his leadership Parkway and its members were involved in a variety of efforts to improve the quality of life for all people.

            In 1967 the sanctuary building was opened.  The unique hexagonal design allows worshippers to see each other.  Rev. Swearingen wrote of the sanctuary design, “Our basic theological premise was the need to show forth the communal nature, the one-ness, of our life together.  In a time of man’s estrangement from his neighbor, we sought to create a context for intimacy in which we can both see and hear.”

            After Rev. Swearingen retired Rev Sansom Williams served as the third pastor of the church from 1983-1995.  Rev. Williams had a passion for mission work and Parkway began building houses in some of the poorest areas of Mexico, a program that continued until 2010 when the violence along the border raised concerns for the safety of participating church members.  Parkway was also one of the founding churches for Metro Ministries an organization that continues today in coordinating assistance for the poor of the community.

            Rev. David Evans became Parkway’s fourth pastor in 1997.  Rev. Evans brought Pastoral Interns from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary to Parkway to spend a year fully engaged in church work as a part of their education for ministry.  A significant renovation of the church buildings was begun under Rev. Evans leadership expanding the office space and creating a dedicated Youth Building.  Rev. Evans left Parkway to join the administration of Austin Seminary in 2004.

            Rev. Allen Mosiman was called to serve as Parkway’s next pastor in 2005.  With the expanded facilities for youth the Sunday evening fellowship program was expanded to include children.  Hidden from view, Parkway has also revised its administrative structure to make better use of the voluntary time people have to offer. In September 2012, Rev. Laura Neely joined the staff as Associate Pastor, working primarily in the areas of education, fellowship, and missions.