How can we help you?

Our mission of “Calling and Equipping Disciples for the Kingdom of God” compels us to nurture and help people grow in a life of discipleship.  We grow spiritually through worship, prayer, and Bible study.  We grow in our knowledge through classes and study.  We grow in our love for each other and the world through fellowship and mission opportunities.

“Calling and Equipping Disciples for the Kingdom of God” is not specifically about adults, either.  We seek to start our youngest disciples on a life-long path of faith, understanding that there are age-appropriate steps along that path at different ages.

Worship is the most obvious gathering of the church.  Every Sunday morning we come together to sing and pray, to read the Bible and listen to the sermon, to take an honest look at how well we “… love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind…and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39)

Educational classes engage the mind of faith.  Presbyterians can be justly criticized for sometimes being too much of the head and not enough of the heart.  On the other hand, uninformed theology is often bad theology.  Are there limits to God’s love?  What does it mean to say “Christ died for my sins?”  These are important questions that deserve careful consideration. Parkway offers educational classes for children, youth, and adults.

Fellowship gatherings help bind us to one another as a community.  Our members come from all parts of the city and even from other towns.  Our children attend different schools.  Coming together helps us build the relationships that can last a lifetime.  Our children and youth get together every Sunday night during the school year.  Special events throughout the year bring the entire congregation together. 

Mission projects take us away from the building into the community and beyond.  One way that we grow as individuals in the life of faith is in serving others after the manner of Jesus. Parkway has undertaken projects to feed, clothe, house, and in many other ways assist those Jesus called “the least.” (Matthew 25: 40)