Parkway provides worship services, educational classes, fellowship gatherings, and opportunities to serve others in the larger community.  We could not possible do so much if it weren’t for the voluntary efforts of so many people.  People volunteer for relatively simple tasks like being an usher for Sunday’s worship service.  Other tasks are much more involved, like organizing a group of people for a mission trip.  We believe everyone has some way of serving and that serving others is an essential activity for a Christian.

Twice a year Parkway has a Mission Fair inviting people to sign-up to help on specific projects.  The opportunities range from helping fix a meal for the Children and Youth Fellowship to singing in the church choir and a whole bunch of things in between.

 Here are just a few ways people serve the church:

  • Usher for worship
  • Sing in the choir
  • Lead a small group
  • Plan a fellowship event
  • Volunteer to assist in the office
  • Work with the children’s ministry

  Ways to serve are limited only by your imagination!