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Worshipping with Children

It can be hard to know what expectations are for children in worship, especially when you are new to a congregation. Here are some tips to help you and your child enjoy worshipping together at theCathedral. 

We celebrate your family’s presence and actively enjoy the spontaneous noise and wiggles children bring to our communal life.  You never have to worry about your child during worship - we love them and, as with every worshipper, strive to meet them where they are.

Preparing ahead of time

  • Your child is very welcome to explore our  sanctuary with you before or after the service. You will discover the many beautiful features of our building, including our stained glass windows, our murals, the  bishop’s seat, and much more. You can learn their names and functions together.
  • Some parents swear by making a church-only toy bag that they occasionally refresh, so that using it is a special treat.
  • Begin to teach your child some of the simple responses and prayers we do every week - “And also with you!” Young children love to participate and will listen for their parts. Young readers can get their own leaflet. 
  • Talk to your child about prayer: that anyone can talk with God, not just the priests and readers. We can pray anywhere, any time. In church we pray together by reading prayers out loud, but we can each pray silently to God, too, about anything that is on our hearts.
  • I explain to our Sunday school class that Cathedral worship is often quiet because people are talking with God. Just like in a movie, we try to be quiet so that people can listen to what God is saying back to them. That is why we use quiet voices when we talk to each other (like in a movie) and we bring only soft or quiet toys.  No one will be mad if you forget, I explain, but we all do our best. 
  • You may want  to sit where your child can see and feel part of the action. 
  • It’s fine to talk quietly with your child to explain what is happening and  keep them involved. 

Your child and Holy Communion

We encourage you to bring infants and children up to the communion table to receive the bread and wine or a blessing from clergy. If you have any questions, come talk with our clergy or children’s ministry staff.

Welcome to the Cathedral!  

Last Published: January 27, 2023 9:40 AM