Church History

Pittsboro Baptist Church is an old church, but exactly how old is a question without a definitive answer.  The cornerstone of Pittsboro Baptist Church has inscribed, "Baptist Church - Organized 1817 - May 20, 1847 - June 1948."  In one church history account, the church was constituted in 1845 and admitted to the Sandy Creek Baptist Association in 1850 as "newly constituted."  In 1847, a Meeting House was built for $1200, but the expected membership groth did not occur.  Not long after the building was completed a severe storm, described in some documents as a tornado, damaged the building.  Repairs were not made and the congregation disbanded.  An 1874 Biblical Recorder article described Pittsboro as "having a good congregation" but in need of a preacher.  By 1878, the old Meeting House had been remodeled into one of "the neatest church edifices in the village," but still in need of a pastor.


As stated, the first "Meeting House" was built in 1847.  The groundbreaking for the current church building (sanctuary, "old education" building) was held in June 1948.  The Heritage Committee has found no additional documention regarding the 1817 date, but in 1951, a celebration was held to recognize the organizational date.  In 1947, a Centennial Celebration was held recognizing the 1847 date and subsequently followed with celebrations in 1972 (125th) and 1997 (150th).  In May 2000, Pittsboro Baptist Church was "entered in 'The National Register of Historic Places.'"



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