Worship gathers us as one body, invites us to hear God's Word, leads us to experience God's grace in baptism and communion, and then sends us out to engage and serve the world.
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Please consider assisting with worship! These jobs are not difficult and we will provide you with training if you desire. Please follow the links below to sign up.

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Sanctuary Worship Usher Responsibilities

Thanks for agreeing to help with ushering at the Sunday morning/Wednesday evening services. As ushers, you play an essential part in making worshipers feel welcome in our church, and in making them feel welcome in our services again.

Usher Responsibilities
1) Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to worship time.
2) Make sure bulletins are located at tables near each of the 3 doors.
3) Check within 10-15 minutes prior to the service to make sure that communion has been prepared or is in the process of being prepared. If not, either recruit some people to begin the preparation or notify a pastor to help in the recruitment process.
4) One usher should stand at each door to hand a bulletin to arriving worshippers. Give a greeting with a smile. The fourth usher should be available to assist worshipers in finding a seat, if necessary.
5) Periodically invite people to take a communion distribution card if they would like to assist with communion. Notify the pastor prior to the start of the service if some cards have not been picked up.
6) Personal listening devices are available for people with hearing impairments. Four devices are found inside the top shelf of the cabinet at the rear wall of the sanctuary. Assist people with turning on the on/off and volume control. The devices should be returned at the end of the service.
7) Close doors during the opening hymn. Because the doors make considerable noise when closing, do not close them during prayers or special music. Stay by the closed doors to open the door and welcome and assist late arrivals. The rocking chairs are intended for parents who may need to rock a child.
8) Coordinate candle lighting during the first hymn. If no 6th grader is present, designate one usher to do it. Candle lighters are hanging on the wall in the sacristy (communion preparation room). Lighters are in the drawer next to the sink. Extinguish the candles during the last hymn.
• The two altar candles are lit for every service.
• The Paschal Candle (tall candle by the baptismal font) is lit at every service during which there is a baptism and for all Sundays of the Easter season.
9) Take the offering at the designated time. Start from front to back with 2 ushers in the center aisle and one in each of the side aisles. Use as many plates as manageable. Remember to send a plate to the choir area. Two ushers may bring the plates to the altar after the offering is collected. They should place the plates on the altar or give them to the pastor and return to their places. At the end of the service one usher should take the filled plates to the work room in the office area. Bank deposit bags are located in the third drawer under the counter with the postage machine. Fill the bag(s) with the offering, remove the key after the bag has been zipped shut, place the key in the container in the third drawer, and give the locked bag to a pastor. Return the empty plates to the wooden table at the rear of the sanctuary in the narthex.
10) Direct people to communion as soon as the invitation to communion is given by the pastor. Station two ushers in the front of the center aisle and two ushers at the juncture where the communion rails come together. Start ushering the center aisle pews forward and filling in all the spots at the front and side rails. (You may want to count ten people to prevent overcrowding.) The juncture ushers should help direct people to the side rails. When the side rails have been served, they should exit from the front of the line (first person served leading the way). Six people waiting in the center aisle should replace them at the rail. When the four people at the front rail have been served, they should exit by the side aisle and be replaced by four more people. When all the center aisles people have been served, those ushers should go to the side aisles and, starting from the front pew, usher them to the rear of the sanctuary and up the center aisle. Keep a line of at least ten people waiting in the center aisle to keep the lines moving quickly and smoothly. Ushers take communion after all worshippers have been ushered to the front. If someone is unable to come forward for communion, inform the pastor.
11) Count attendance during the service and write down the number on the chart located in the plastic container on the back wall of the sanctuary.
12) After the service, replace any hymnals and remove all trash. Any leftover bulletins may be taken to the office for recycling.
Click here for Celebration Hall worship usher responsibilities.

Thanks again for agreeing to help with ushering!

Last Published: September 26, 2016 12:33 AM