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For Parents


Our adolescent's spirituality is a barometer of our own. If we are not passionately pursuing God and living out our faith, neither will our teenagers...


You, as parents, have a significant role in the spiritual development of your teenager. According to Christian Smith and the research of the National Survey of Youth and Religion, the person who has the most impact concerning spiritual development in the life of an adolescent is their parent(s). While pastors, youth pastors, mentors, peers, and other adult leaders are present in these results, the parent(s) far surpass each of these other individuals. While these results may not be new information to all, the reality is that only 10% of families actually talk about God or “God-related” topics at home. If we allow this to be true for us, we will fail in effectively ministering to young people. 


With that said, the goal of CORE youth ministry is to partner with you in your role by offering an environment geared toward adolescent development in which discipleship can blossom. We strive to provide any and all resources that we can to equip and support you, the parent(s). All this is done in order to create more memories, increase shared experiences, and to increase “God-moments" as a family.



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Last Published: September 23, 2020 8:31 PM