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We go forward in Witness, Mercy, Life Together.

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10:00 a.m.
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available EVERY Sunday)
Communion 1st and 3rd
Sundays of the month
Sunday School & Youth Bible Study
9:00am - 9:45am
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Pray Every Day
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The Call Committee – so they work effectively as a unified group; for spiritual strength so Christ is kept as the central focus; Wisdom to determine which candidates would be best for guiding St. Paul’s; and Physical and Mental Endurance so they don’t  rush the process and compromise the outcome.

St. Paul’s Congregation.  This is a period of uncertainty as we wait to see who accepts our Divine Call to St. Paul’s; and pray for those pastors who will serve us during this vacancy period.

Our Country.  We are facing so many challenges and need God in our lives more than ever.  Please pray for people’s hearts to be moved so that we can all live our lives the way God has commanded us.


 Our Ill at Home or in Hospitals

Denise Aurelio, Marianne Bodtke,

Ralph Dandino, Joan Davis, Natalie Dickey

 Dale Graham, Beverly Heft,

Ricky Howell, Dale Jacobs,

Carol Johnson, Dorothy Krotke,

Walli Mayer, Norma Oswald,

Simone Outten, Bonnie Parsons,

Blair Priebe, Charles Roseborough,

Darlene Seay,  Roland Tucker,

Bonnie Umland, Cindy Vinicky

Our Ill at Home or in Hospitals
Our Shut-Ins & Caregivers   







INSTALLATION/DEDICATION/VOTER’S MEETING:  Next Sunday, January 10, 2021, there will be an “Installation/Rededication” for our officers, and board/committee members at the 10:00 a.m service.  This involves those newly elected as well as those currently serving.  We start the New Year in 2021 with God’s blessings upon those serving St. Paul’s congregation as officers or on boards/committees.  There will be a Voter’s Meeting immediately after the service...those in your vehicles can listen in on the 92.1 FM station.


VOTER’S MEETING & INTENTIONAL INTERIM PASTOR NEWS:  Pastor Gary Schultz has received our message that St. Paul's Lutheran Church voted to issue him an Intentional Interim Pastor Divine Call.  His Call Papers were mailed and should be in his hands by now.  He said he was excited and honored to be issued the Call.   So we pray God's will be done.   Keep Pastor Schultz, his family, his present congregation, Immanuel, Westfield, and St. Paul's in your prayers as he considers the Call. 


2021 CONTRIBUTION ENVELOPES:  The 2021 contribution envelopes are available for pick up on the north countertops of the Narthex.


SUNDAY SCHOOL & YOUTH BIBLE STUDY:     Children from 3 years old thru 6th grade are invited to join us for Sunday School 9:00 – 9:45 AM in the Ladies Parlor and gym.  CDC guidelines will be followed.  Masks and social distancing are required.  Snacks will not be served, but you are welcome to bring your own water.  Tables and rooms will be sanitized before and after class


SHUT-IN COMMUNIONIf you are, or know someone in your family or neighbor/friend, who are staying home on Sundays due to the Virus, and would like communion,  please contact Head Elder, Douglas Rebeck, and we'll see what we can do to help you out.  Call Doug at 708 244-9424 or e-mail him at


“ANNOUNCEMENT”  INFORMATION:  All pertinent congregational information is welcome.  However, it is requested that ANY information you wish to have published be submitted to the church office by Wednesday morning via e-mail or written note for insertion in the Sunday bulletin.  Thank you in advance with your cooperation with this request.


KEEPING SAFE FROM THE VIRUS:  Please wear your masks when in the building.  This includes during the week.  Whether in the church or the church office, masks must be properly worn (covering the nose and mouth) not only protects the person wearing it, but even more, it protects those you come in contact with.  We need to work together on being careful and healthy.


 PORTALS OF PRAYER:  The Jan-March issues are in the Narthex.


JANUARY  CARILLON:    The January Carillon is now available in the Narthex.


ALTAR GUILD NEWS:    To dedicate flowers on the Altar, please contact Marilyn Harris by phone or text at 708-533-5467, or email:   Also, please note that dedications may be made months in advance.


THANK YOU:  A heartfelt thank you is extended to the “Congregation of St. Paul’s” and others who were so kind to think of me with a Christmas gift.  EVERYONE  has been so welcoming to me in the short time I have been in the office.  You have a wonderful church family here and I am blessed to have been invited to share in these blessings.  Wishing all a very safe, healthy and Christ centered 2021.     Patti


CHURCH CLEANED:  The Illinois Covid number has been increasing the past couple weeks.  For our protection, the church was recently “fogged”/cleaned.  Thanks to Deer Creek for letting us use their fogger.  Cleaning will be performed weekly.


HELP NEEDED: Help is needed to vacuum and dust the church.  Maybe 1 hour a week.  Men or Women. I would like to get a few people to take turns working and taking care of our church.  Please leave a message at the office: 708-754-4493.


WATER FOUNTAINS:   Due to the Corona Virus, as a precaution to avoid any spread, the water fountains are not to be used.  Please bring your own water bottle.  Thank you.