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“To lead Men into a Vital Relationship with Christ, to Assist them in their Spiritual, Personal and Community Development and to Support the the Missions of Spring Valley Presbyterian Church”. 
The MOC have a MOC Planning Committee to assist in decision making and event planning.  This team meets once a quarter.
Dinner Meetings
We try to have a dinner meeting, most times in Potts Hall, also about once each quarter.  This includes dinner, a short devotion, a review of the MOC business and a speaker. Some of the men volunteer to set up, cook (sometimes it is catered), serve and clean up. 
With Spring Valley High School right across the street, the MOC staffs our parking lot for their large events (i.e. statewide tracks meets and statewide band competitions)  that require overflow parking. The funds raised are used for various non-budgeted needs around the church, youth missions trips and other local church supported missions. 
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Contact:  Doug Caviness



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